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11 April 2014

competition | refresh vs relocate with look again

when everything-you-need retailer look again got in touch recently about their refresh vs relocate campaign, i thought...what terrible timing! as you guys know, i'm on the new-flat hunt now after the happenings over the last few weeks, and i hardly needed the idea of refreshing a flat i'm moving out of rubbed in my face. but, upon reflection, i realised that participating would give me the opportunity to share another little wishlist moodboard for the potential flat i will be moving in to instead, and, maybe even get some tips and tricks on how to get those little quirky touches without breaking the bank too.

the idea is to create a themed mood board from the look again website, up to the value of £750. now, with the luck i had last year in winning that lush dining set after i shared this dinner party idea, and now with nowhere to, erm, keep said furniture, i'd better hope that if i am lucky enough to win (first prize is everything in your mood board!), that the flat i (eventually) move into needs some sprucing up!

wallpaper £18| day bed £99 | curtains £70 | bulldog cushion £22 | union jack £18 | duvet cover £18 | lamp £35 | sheet set £30 | tallboy £220 | dab radio £26 | storage boxes £180 | total overhaul £736

obviously the theme i chose was something thoroughly british; english rose! shocking, i know. it's pink, and floral. cut me some slack; i'm nothing if not consistent! with some of the rooms i've been looking at on the smaller side, a day bed would be a great addition as it would take up less room in the day, and still pull out to full size for the night. works as a sofa, and a bed - bonus! with enough mix and match scatter cushions and throws you make just about anything comfy enough to fall asleep on.

the dark wood tallboy is the perfect piece to offset all the white and pastels, and draws on the real 'country cottage' theme. i have a pale pine tallboy at the moment, and i think a few quick coats of a darker varnish will bring that bad boy up to a similar finish. i've also seen some similar handles in the charity shops nearby, so a quick fix solution to get that vintage look for a lot less.

with suitably sweet accessories including duvets and sheet sets, cushions and lamps, as well as extra storage and this fricken sweet vintage dab radio, i think i spent my imaginary budget pretty well, don't you? even have a few pennies left to spare on a candle or two.

so... i'm pretty happy with my new room's theme, now i just... need to find that new room.

*written in collaboration with brand. top pictures sourced from we heart it*

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  1. This is a gorgeous theme, I love the bedding doll, so pretty and fresh!! I hope you have a gorgeous weekend xx


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