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oh how original, a gift guide in december! i know, i know. despite how late i am to the party, i'm here. mostly because people are starting to ask what i want, and as usual, i don't know. i don't know because i just... buy things for myself when i need them. so, here's some things i don't need, but that i'd be pretty happy with if someone bought them for me this christmas. equally, the same could be said for probably most of the women in your life, so... you're welcome. i've just helped you finish your shopping.

this ditzy floral dressing gown from jockey is the perfect thing for the mum in your life. we all know mums love a comfy sunday lay in, and this terry towelling, hooded number is just the thing to help them on their way. coupled with the adorable unicorn slippers from asos, the lucky lady recipient is going to be one snug human. all this woman needs now is some chocolate. sort her out with a luxury hamper from lindt. this woman will love you forever. not. even. kidding. i clearly mean me. i'll love you forever.

so maybe your token female friend is a list writer. easy. this spotty diary by joules is going to please. while she's busy writing her lists, she can relax to the scent of her fancy beeswax candle by beefayre. not only is the candle socially responsible (3% of all sales go back into bee conservation), it smells fab too. your token female friend will be lost for words at your thoughtfulness.

perhaps your teenage cousin in in that weird phase where she totally thinks she's an adult, but she's definitely still the same age as the youngest kardashian. she'd old enough for make up, not old enough to really have her own style. ciate nail varnishes are classic but pretty, and perfect for the tweenagers in our lives. especially if you also give her the kitteh make up case and sleepy-time mask; kittehs are so hip right now, this brat will think you're the cat's pyjamas.

and finally, your sister/bestie/female lead. she's the most important person in your day to day, and if you can't make her feel special at christmas, when can you? this classy dior lip gloss is sure to get you brownie points on christmas morning - despite the small package, as would a perfectly pretty olivia burton watch. feminine, floral and fabulous, these gifts will have your brownie points stacked against the wall.

so tell me, which are you buying me for christmas? if i had to pick, i'd say the watch, right?