thirty before 30 | update

weeks after my 29th birthday, i devised a wee bucket list of things i wanted to see or do before i turned 30. being that the thing is happening in 26 days (oh god, oh god), i thought it was about time to update the list, and see just how i fared with my good intentions...

purple is what was on the last update, pink is the new update, green is... well, disaster.

1 // flail on a mountain top in salzburg, singing "the hills are aliiiiive!" // OMG finally yes!
2 // try two new restaurants per month // already ticked two newbies off this month alone! go me!
3 // try and see one west end show a month //so it's been more like one a quarter, but wevs.
4 // see more of the united kingdom // bristol, bognor regis, windsor, stratford upon avon...
5 // finally visit berlin! // close, but no. trip booked to nuremburg for december. one day!
6 // go to a proper blogger event // tons. tons and tons. and tons.
7 // develop seo + social media knowledge // omg proper lolz i like totally work in social media now
8 // alter vintage dresses sat in my wardrobe foreverrrr // um... no, i sold them on ebay.
9 // make new sofa cushions from my vintage fabrics // yes, kinda, but then moved out so wah.
10 // meet more blogger babes! yes, tons! lots and lots and lots. 
11 // holiday somewhere sunny... and not in the uk // austria was totally sunny!
12 // ride bikes in regents park // still no.
13 // find my dream marketing job // bloody yes!
14 // spend less time on the sofa... // i don't have a sofa any more... so, yes?
15 // see n.y.c in the fall <3  // don't want this on the list anymore.
16 // master one new recipe a month // lolz. god i was full of good intentions, huh.
17 // bake a decent cake from scratch // as above.
18 // read at least one book every month // as above, although, i was on track. sigh.
19 // take a road trip with the girls // in the planning stages for best part of a year.
20 // cook (or help cook) a full christmas dinner for my friends // pass.
21 // visit a new part of london every weekend // shoreditch and dalston were new to me once.
22 // go to more gigs! // this is ongoing i dare say... lots coming up!
23 // do an e-course in... something // blah. no. 
24 // find a new hobby (outside of blogging) // blah, definitely no.
25 // eat more fruit + veg // oh, hale yes. absolutely. i stone weight loss as evidence.
26 // do more for charity // currently helping with handpicked london's winter coat drive by holding an office drive, and signed onto office csr committee to help run charity events at work!
27 // listen to more new music // does the new mcfly and one direction albums count? good. then, tick!
28 // visit copenhagen // trip planned for early december!
29 // invest in a new digital camera and laptop for serious blogging! // nope.
30 // master the art of rhubarb crumble from scratch // lolz nope.

so, i mastered two thirds. i mean... that's good, but not great, but i'm ok with it because the things i failed on just mean i fail as a human, not as an adult. who's got the time for all the baking and cooking and book reading when they're out there seeing new things and having austrian adventures? not me, that not who!

i'm confident that my thirties will be full of baking and housewifery though, so... 
probably not. but, a girl can dream.