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3 March 2015

frock swap | the tulle skirt of my dreams

top : cotton on | skirt : louche, from ally | shoes : primark | bag : cath kidston

you guys, have you ever had one item of clothing that just changed your whole life? well, when this tulle skirt landed on my desk from ally as part of #frockswap15, that exact thing happened. i don't even liiiiike the colour blue, you know this. but this icy, pastel blue, shimmery, layered skirt is all kinds of wonderful, and i made an exception for it because as soon as i put it on...i felt like a princess! 

i was an actual princess you guys! i twirled and twirled and twirled all around my room, all the while cursing the weather outside because all i wanted to do was to be outside, in some sunshine, twirling, twirling, twirling... and not inside, barricaded by rain and gale force winds. although, how awesome would twirling be in gale force winds?

as soon as i saw the blue tulle in the parcel, i knew how i was going to style it. the ice blue fabric deserved to be the hero of the outfit for sure, and so what it needed was a clean, white top to keep the outfit bright and balanced. this polka dot top has been with me for about five years, and rarely gets worn - so it's still in great condition. i love the 80s-style puff-ball rouching effect around the shoulders because it adds a bit of width to my shoulders and makes my waist look teeny tiny! bonus.

my mate nicola gave me this cath k classic mid last-year for absolutely no reason other than she no longer uses it, and it's flippen adorable and totally me. and the mint and pink floral print totally compliments the shade of blue of the tulle, and... i mean... this is 100% my favourite outfit of all time. i know the whole point of the frock swap is to give new life to each other's tired classics, but... i do not want to pass this on. sorry guys, i'm keeping hold of this... i'm a princess, i can do what i want.

...fine, i'll send it on. but someone better send it back to me when we're done. here's how ally styled it:

keep your eyes peeled on chloe, donna and charlotte's blogs to see how they style it too.
so tell me; who wore it best?

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