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17 August 2016

italy | colourful capri

the day after we visited pompeii we did a whole bunch of nothing. and when i say "nothing" what you ought to read is: sat by the pool, drinking (six bottles of) prosecco, reading magazines and chatting shit. we swam, we burned, we got tipsy, and then we went for a wander in to town. it was such a lovely day, and gorgeous way to spend annalies' birthday, and it was just what we needed after the hustle and bustle of day trips every day. the next day though, and burned to a crisp, we jumped on a ferry and headed over to the beautiful island of capri.

the ferry over was quick, but certainly not cheap, and i was a bit annoyed we'd left that particular day trip to the second-last day of our trip when money was a little tighter. nevertheless, there were many options to get over to the island, but they all involved handing over a lot of money and getting on a boat. cest la vie! when we arrived on the island it was obvious the rest of the tourists in italy had joined us for the day, and so immediately i knew things were going to moving veryyyy slowly. 

we grabbed our tickets for the funicular and joined the heaving throng of punters hoping to jump on it and head up to the old town. we only had a couple of hours to kill until our private boat tour was booked to take off, so were just planned to sort of... wander around until then. easy done! it was a gorgeous day and the sun was beaming, so we couldn't really argue with that.

but after an hour of wandering in the heat, my sunburn from the day before was inflamed and super painful, and i was having the worst time! the fabric of my lightweight dress was too much for my sensitive skin, and i couldn't imagine how i was going to spend the next few hours in the sun, on a boat, so... after a few hours wandering the beautiful island's old town, i hopped on a ferry back to the mainland and went and sat in the cool of the pool for an hour or so in the shade, before parking myself in front of the air con until the troops returned home later that day.

it was an expensive way to spend a morning, that's for sure, but i got to see some of the most crystal clear and bright blue water i'd ever seen, as well as the most beautiful flowers i'd seen so far in italy. plus: ice cream. there's always ice cream when the going gets tough. i am disappointed i didn't get to enjoy the boat tour with the girls, but... there's always next time, right?

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