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8 August 2016

some happy things

ohhh, this week's been a good'un, and i don't even know where to start. shall we start at the very beginning? alright then, here's the best bits from last week:

a new look: the blog got a face lift this week, and i am soooo in love with it! i think it's way more professional looking and more streamlined that before, when it kind of looked more like a personal diary; something i have no problem with, and i genuinely loved the old look, but i am buzzing about how pretty and reactive this layout is now. i foolishly asked my mum what she though, and she said she thought it was "too clinical looking and lacking in personality"... a little harsh gretch.

cheesy tuesday: on tuesday my colleagues and i headed over to the local theatre to watch another of our colleagues star in a satirical version of macbeth that our inter-agency am-dram's club were putting on. that afternoon we'd been talking about cheese (as you do), and the train of thought went from what is your favourite cheese to "let's have a cheese board before the show!" and two kinds of cheese, olives, sun dried tomatoes, hummus, pitta and some wine we found in the cupboard winging their ways into our bellies before the show. i couldn't have asked for a better dinner, plus the show had us in stitches! i'm not usually one to mix business and pleasure, but i truly hadn't laughed that much in ages.

reading material: new books! and they're all pink! pink books are the best kind of books.

hackney wick: on wednesday night i went to meet my pal mike for a few drinkies in hackney, by the canal at grow bar. i love that part of east london; the street art and flowers and canal boats are all so colourful and vibrant, and there's always so much chatter and laughter in the air - and if that doesn't sound totally naff then i don't know what does. there was a cat there, who wasn't even bothered by me. maybe it's fate...

i have this thing with pink: seriously. so i got a new look over on the blog, and then i decided i'd try a new theme on my instagram too: pink. there's a reason i never bothered with a theme before: it's hard work. half the pictures i would have naturally posted to my feed before i now can't because there's nothing pink about them, which is frustrating as hell, but at least my profile looks pretty... and when you do find some pink goals - like the beautiful doors of wesley hall as you walk past on your way to the doctor's, then it kind of makes up for it. note to self: when in doubt, post another selfie.

squad goals: on friday night charley and i headed to stratford to see the highly anticipated (by me) suicide squad; despite the horrible reviews we'd both read, we were both really keen to see the film and make a decision on it ourselves. my verdict: it was a fun film. it wasn't as bad as i was expecting, but it also wasn't totally good. the characters were pretty one-dimensional and there were waaaay too many of them, but it was a bit of fun. i came home and watched batman begins; it's still the best comic book adaption in my opinion (though i did watch kingsmen and dawn of justice on saturday, and kingsmen is now my new favourite spy film! bloody loved it!).

bring and buy: so, i'm doing something fun at work: planning a bit of a swap shop to help fund raise some money for a colleague who's in need of some life-changing operations. i put a few cheeky tweets out on my work twitter to see if anyone would be interested in sending in samples or gifts they no longer use or wear, and the response has been overwhelming so far. on friday i arrived to work to find a giant pink box full of unworn and still-wrapped jewellery from sarah, which genuinely made me so happy inside. there are still so many kind humans in the world, and this sort of action proves just that. if you're interested in helping yourself, all the details are here.

looking gooooood: last weekend at the gym i felt miserable. i was annoyed that i couldn't see a difference after almost three months of hard work, and i was feeling really down about myself. fast forward one week and one new dress, and i am on top of the world. it's amazing the confident a great-fitting dress can do for you, especially when that dress happens to be a size smaller than you're used to wearing! keep your eyes peeled for that later this week.

burger babe: i made real food. i was fun.

great friends: so, alex and i have been mutual friends for about seven years. we've never actually met, though we have been at the same events and hung out with the same people, just never had that physical "hi, i'm erica" conversation. we're friends on facebook. we follow each others' social medias. mainly because we're both obsessed with travelling and being sure we are mythical creatures (she a mermaid, me a unicorn - obvs); basically, we know everything about each other. and yesterday, i had the absolute pleasure of meeting her in the flesh, and spending the day "catching up" with her, and chatting about just about everything we have in common. hint: it's basically everything. we went for beers in camden, and wees in regent's park, and dim sum in soho, and have plans to head to the theatre tomorrow night too. basically, i have met my kindred spirit, and i am going to find a way to make her stay in london with me forever.

what a great week! please, life, keep up the good work!

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