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12 August 2016

style | fiori means 'flowers' in italian

fiori eau de parfum c/o debenhams

and flowers (and italy) are among some of my favourite things, so when both a new floral dress and a new floral scent made their way into my life randomly this week, i thought it best to not mess with my good fortune and to pay a little homage to both on this here blog. because if nothing else, having two reasons to doll myself up a little bit on a saturday afternoon is always a good excuse to take a bunch of selfies, no?

i'm normally a fairly consistent marc jacobs girl when it comes to perfume - bowing down to the flirty floral packaging and deliciously sweet scents, but when this beautiful bottle of fiori by vince camuto* came into my life from debenhams in the week, it was safe to say i had been converted. the super pretty rose gold cap with it's delicate filigree detail easily made me swoon, while the sweet, floral scent won me over at first spray. pump? spray.

i was in new look returning some shoes that didn't fit the other day, when i walked through their massive sale section on the ground floor of the oxford street store. i didn't really have the time to stop and look, but as i lined up to return my stuff, one print caught my eye. i grabbed at the fabric and discovered in my hand the most perfect ditzy print tea dress i'd ever seen. with flowers in yellow and coral and pink, it was the perfect dress for me, and i was determined it would be mine. 

i immediately checked the tag, and lo and behold, it was on sale. excellent! then i checked the size; it was an 8. a brief scout of the other rails proved there was nothing in a bigger size, so a quick measure of it against my body helped me decide that it would *hopefully* be ok, and if not, i double checked with the sale assistant that it could be exchanged another time if it didn't totally fit. it was too perfect to leave behind, so in a moment's decision, it was mine.

dress : new look | bag (old), shoes, sunglasses : asos | hair clips : crown & glory

that night, i tried it on, and was blown away when i realised it fit. and not even snugly, it fit *perfectly*. it hugged my shape and flattered my curves, and somehow, even fit across my chest - which is certainly not a size 8. i don't know whether it was sized wrong, or it is supposed to be a loose fit, but whatever the case, it fits me like a glove, and makes me feel bloody wonderful.

and after two or three months of working my butt off at the gym, i'm finally starting to see a difference. wearing this dress out on saturday really just shows off the work i've put into the gym, and making a positive change to not only my appearance, but how i feel about my appearance. i hate my legs, for example, but in these shoes and with this flippy dress, i finally feel good enough about them to get them out and show off the work i've put in.

have you ever had a dress that makes you feel as wonderful as this one makes me?

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