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15 August 2016

some happy things

happy happy monday! it's been another full on week around these parts, and extra-curricular business always leads to extra-curricular happiness! let me tell you about some of the things that made me happy last week..

monday motivation | you know you have great friends when you complain about a slow monday and they send you a picture of a snake wearing a unicorn hat. that's the sort of thing that really brightens and grey afternoon.

coral springs | my new favourite band hail from the netherlands and their catalogue has been on permanent repeat since they were recommended to me last week. if you like angry girl bands and old school pop punk, then i suggest you have a listen too. anxiety is my jam right now.

charlie and the chocolate factory | before alex headed back to australia last wednesday, we headed to the theatre to see charlie and the chocolate factory. it's in its closing weeks now and so we had to bite the bullet and buy some not-quite cheap tickets, but all things considered, i'm pretty glad we did. the show was a literal treat, and i was blown away by the talent of the cast of kids. i remember saying the same thing when i saw matilda too, and my feelings on theatre kids still stand: they're generally annoying over achievers, but man aliiiive can they do the thing. and well. tip of the top hat for that one.

blue skies | omg for real, it's been the ideal weather lately, hasn't it? blue and cloudy, but warm and no need for a jacket. these are my ideal climes, i hope they stay around for a little while longer...

heavily scented | luhuhhuhhhhhving my new vince camuto perfumes, and getting compliments about them on the daily is really bloody lovely. please continue to make me feel good, world.

feed your wild | on thursday i was lucky enough to win the monthly 'hungry games' challenge to be the 'woman most likely to be a professional plus one', and headed along with charlie to the press preview of new london bridge restaurant carve. there's a whole review coming on this in the week, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you're a south/central londoner who likes good meaty meals!

sunny starts | omg for real! so much sun in the morning! is there anything better than a bowl of cereal and a hot coffee in bed while the sun streams through your window? answer: no. there isn't.

the most important meal of the day | best. jumper. ever! and only a fiver. bargain!

well liked | turns out that a bit of body positivity goes a long way on instagram. until recently i'd only ever maxed out at a hundred or so likes on a pic of mine, but twice this month now i've managed to smash the 200 mark with some bopo snaps and a bit of personal happiness (here and here). i really can't believe it and although i can see a change in my body and my mind over this wee journey of mine, i'm thrilled that others can see it, and are proud of it too. go humans!

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