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3 August 2016

wishlist | feeling prickly

remember that time i said i was going to by plant pots for my window sill and plant some fresh lavender then sleep one hundred restful sleeps? well, i did it, and then summer happened, and the lavender died a hundred deaths. i tried to revive it after i selfishly went away for a week to italy and left it with no hydration (or pleas for the flatmates to try and keep it alive), but basically now it's a sad reminder of how i shouldn't have nice things. or living things. or things that require attention.

it's just as well then that cacti has made a right come back this year, because it's probably the only plant alive (ha) that even i couldn't kill, and i suppose it helps that they're bloody adorable too. and apparently quite good for your body? like, i was offered a cactus water the other day and i was like, huh? what is this? when did this become a thing? bloody mexican hipsters.

literally not being racist, it was cactus water from mexico. anyway, i digress. for my 21st birthday one of my friends gave me a cactus because she - like me, figured it was a good gift to give someone who's pretending to be an adult; it's a plant, so totally legit as an adult present, but doesn't require much attention, which is good because i'm pretty bad at looking after things.

my mum looked after that cactus, and eventually i moved away and she threw it out. where am i even going with this? oh yeah: i can't keep real plants alive, so i'm going to succumb to the latest trend in house plants/blogger clich├ęs, and get myself some self-sufficient plants. chloe at work has a succulent called sid, shaun has a cactus called jack. i have a mini cactus that i picked up aaaaages ago at columbia road flower market that i cleverly called "spike" and then promptly forgot about taking to work and now sits in a mug... somewhere in this flat. i'll have to have a look for her.

in the meantime, i'm off to google other self-watering plants so i can maintain this adult facade.

*post written in collaboration with cox & cox. all thoughts are my own*