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10 August 2016

wishlist | because i'm happy

guyyyyyys, it's almost my biiiiirthday...! ok, it's more than a month away, but i'm getting in early, aren't i, because i think (hope) my mum/friends will be reading this and will be wondering to themselves "cor, i wonder what erica's going to want for her birthday this year, i must remember to ask her next time i talk to her", and look at me being all helpful and shit! so, for those of you sitting there wondering the very same thing, well let me tell you a few things i'd super really bloomin' love this next birthday of mine.

cambridge satchel: i saw this babe of a bag when i was in brighton recently, and fell in lovvve with it. the sweet scalloped edge totally stole my heart, while the colour combo is one that couldn't be more me. this bag puts all other bags to shame. this bag needs to become my bag.

2017 agenda: my current diary runs out at the end of this year (duh) and i am already on the hunt for the next one. i adore my current ban.do planner, but it's seen a lot of waste, unfortunately. i love the planners that show a full month on one page, rather than one that shows them weekly, because then i have a quick snapshot of my month. i'm not fussy at all, no...

trainers: omg i love going to the gym; words i nevvvver thought i would write, but now that i can see a difference in my attitude and body, i want to keep at it. i see my trainer twice a month as it is, but thinking of increasing it to once a week. this means my current trainers will probably need to be replaced with something a little more jazzy, and suited for the amount of training i'm doing. any excuse for new shoes, really...

purse: a kate spade purse? for me? you really shouldn't have!

sunnies: i dropped my very favourite sunnies on the tube a few weeks back and didn't realise because i had my headphones in and they hit the ground lens-down and got scratched up preeeeetty bad. and they sold out, so i can't actually replace them. i love how comfy and quirky the quay australia range is, so i'm keen on another pink/white/purple reflective pair

headphones: i bought some urbanears a few months back, and they're super comfy - albeit originally a bit too tight over my wee, sensitive ears; foolishly i bought a white pair. white anything and pink hair is a match made in a really gross place, especially when you go to the gym and sweat into your pink hair and then the sweat then makes the colour bleed into your lovely white cloth headphones. long story short: i shouldn't have bought white headphones and now they need replacing - or dyeing, because they make me look like a feral.

jumper: never mind. i caved and bought this one myself. bring on autumn!

perfume: i had been meaning to find someone to top up my perfume collection, because my current marc jacobs stash is looking a little thin, but then i discovered vince camuto's delicious range at debenhams. i was tossing up between fiori and amoré - one is in a rose gold bottle and the other in a silver one, but both have a beautifully delicate filigree cap on them that makes me swoon whenever i think about them.

i am so lucky to have you guys as friends. you're so thoughtful. 

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