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4 August 2016

italy | snapshots of sorrento

just over an hour from naples on the train, and we'd arrived in sorrento. our hotel was not ten minutes by cab, up the hill, from the train station, and when we arrived just after 4pm, it was already one million degrees. thankfully, our minimal rooms had sufficient air conditioning - although no fridge for keeping excess bottles of prosecco cool (that's where the air con and a bin/bucket of ice really came in handy), and cool showers to keep our body temps down. comfortable beds and filling breakfasts are generally all i need when i'm on holiday, and we definitely had that in sorrento.

plus, that view. we were on a cliff overlooking the water, and we could see right back out to naples, over to capri, and right out to vesuvius - as well as all that crystal clear and bright blue water right our noses? absolute heaven. it was simply the most gorgeous thing to have the pleasure of waking up to every day, and certainly made hanging poolside all the more bearable. 

of the four nights we were in sorrento, there was only one whole day that we stayed near the hotel, with day trips planned for all the others. it's just so handy to get to some of italy's most stunning and historical places though, so it seemed sensible - as much as hanging by the pool seemed like a much "cooler" idea. when we weren't heading out to pompeii for the day or heading to capri by boat, we wandered the lemon-scented streets, eating the delicious seafood pasta, drinking a lotttt of refreshing pints of peroni, and devouring as much gelato and granitas as physically possible without dying of brain freeze (impossible when it's that hot).

i don't remember the name of any of the restaurants we ate at, any of the gelatarias we visited daily, or even the name of the hotel. i wasn't there to blog, i was there to relax, and relax i did. still, i wanted to share the beautiful photos from sorrento here, as a little snapshot of the prettiest holiday i've ever had. i have fallen in love with italy - having been twice this year already, and i will definitely be back. with tuscany and the countryside still to explore and devour, i am already planning a return.

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