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19 August 2016

style | but first, brunch

alternate post title: another bunch of reasons why i love charley. reason numero uno comes in the form of my new favourite jumper. spotted about a bazillionty years ago while out at - you guessed it: brunch, charley wore this fabulous jumper emblazoned with my very favourite meal of the day, and i fawned and fawned over it but yet somehow never managed to convince her to give it to me. such a shame. but then! fast forward another eleventy months and this wonderful jumper appeared in my instagram feed by way of none other than - you guessed it: charley. 

after discovering it was only a bloody fiver, and there was a next-day delivery coupon hanging in the air, the jumper became mine in less than one minute. by the way: did you know you can shop straight through instagram? no idea when that became a thing, but it's the easiest thing i've ever used, and that's really going to be a problem for my bank account, i just know it.
and reason number two is this dress. spotted on the babe herself recently, it was everything i could have wanted in a dress on that no-doubt ridiculously hot day. i assume it was, and it would have to have been for me to even consider buying another bloody maxi dress that i won't actually get to wear this year, but ho hum, cest la vie. the polka dots and the length and the pockets were all i could ever ask for in a summer dress, and with charley's guidance to go up a size for a bit of comfort i clicked the link in her post, added the HIGAMISS coupon code for 13% off and successfully ordered this beaut from america for about a tenner all in.

dress : gamiss | shoes + bag (old) : asos | jumper : boohoo

turns out though that a bit of gym will do wonders for your body shape, and the large is a little too, well, large. especially around the back and under arm where even when the adjustable strap is on the tightest fit, it still gapes a lot and shows off a little too much bra and back fat for my liking. thankfully the jumper is cropped in just the right place that it still shows off the nipped in waist of the belted dress while covering up the ares that need a little more... covering up.

so i'm off to brunch with the girls this weekend before mum arrives and i'm praying the weather stays as charming as it has been lately so that i can actually wear this beaut of a dress again. keep your fingers crossed for me, and oh - please excuse the dead flowers. i am off to replace them forthwith so my mum doesn't think i'm incapable of being an adult (even though i do struggle from time to time).

she arrives on sunday afternoon, and is here in the uk for two months. she's staying with me on sunday night because we're off to ireland on monday for a week-long road trip! things will be a tad quiet around here until i get back, so make sure you're following along on instagram where all the real fun will be. see you in a few weeks!