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16 April 2013

love tea :: review

a few weeks back i was contacted by london-based gourmet tea company love tea, to see if i would care to sample some of their finest. what a silly question! love tea is a monthly subscription program, that delivers some of the finest gourmet teas right to your front door. each pack includes a different quality tea -  sourced from the finest gardens in japan, india, china and sri lanka, as well as a brewing guide on how to best make use of your leaves.

my package arrived a couple of days later, and a few days after that, i finally got around to trying it. i received a sample pack of their wild elcelsior - palksong oolong, a small pack of reusable tea bags and very clear instructions on how to prepare and brew the tea.

given i had just picked up a new tea cup at the weekend, i thought this was the perfect opportunity to test drive both it and the tea, and brewed up a storm after work. the instructions were really easy to follow, and the guide suggested 1 teaspoon in the bag to brew for around 3 minutes. i like my tea strong, so next time i'm going to try either another spoonful or maybe brew it a bit longer... but, it was lovely and refreshing! the official tagline says that this "infusion produces a refreshing, delicate roasted flavour with floral notes and buttery undertones". now... not sure what floral notes and undertones are supposed to taste like, but it was really easy to drink, the smell wasn't overpowering and it was really tasty!

love tea's monthly tea discovery package starts from as low as £4.50 per month, and with the code beingerica40 you can get 40% off your first month! if you are a tea lover, i would highly recommend the service for a great way to get your hands on some quality and hand picked (and delivered!) leaves, all from the comfort of your own home. even if you just fancy a sample (makes about 5 cups!), you can do that too before you commit.

overall, i had a really great experience with the team at love tea, and once i'm finished with my sample, i'm sure i'll be back for more.

*40% cannot be used on the gift package or the sample pack, only on a regular tea discovery package.