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14 June 2013

five things

happy friday one and all! how's your week been so far? any fun plans this weekend? none for me - hopefully lots of sleeping in, and maybe a trip to ikea... i actually can't wait!

1. the countdown is on; two weeks until GFC is no longer our mutual friend connection. click here to easily move all your google reader blogs over to bloglovin' in two clicks (hint: this is the first click!). or, just as easily, follow being erica with bloglovin'! oh, and while we're at it - are you a 'no-reply blogger'? if so, why? please change your ways. you're killing me. i want to reply to your lovely comments. it's super easy! jenni explains how.

2. ji ji kiki's summer sale is now on! there's some truly adorable pieces in the sale, like this and this and this - so get in there quick before you miss out! waaaaaant one of these. i know you do too. this mean girls parody is hilaaaarious! hell yes to all of these. dudes! these are necessity. i'm in love with this blog.

3. how gorgeous is rachel? think of shannon today as she undergoes mouth surgery. it's unlike her to complain. have you entered jessica's giveaway? this is why i will never have kids. i want this dress so bad. but... you remember the issues i had with boohoo earlier in the year? well, now i refuse to shop there (boo-fricken-hoo). did you join in on charlotte's link up? i did (last week..)!

4. magdalena shares simple hummus recipes. rosie shares a chicken teriyaki recipe. martha (yes, martha) shares one-pan pasta (must try this!). the abm girls share (everything, daily) strawberry cheesecake and vodka soaked candy. definitely making these for my impending sleepover with kim and kirsty!

5. everything about this post makes my insides both happy and sad at the same time. happy, for my (recent) love of homewares and descorating, sad, well.. for the same reason! i so want to live in this house! my favourite room:

that's it from me, have a fab weekend!

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  1. I'm not sure I can handle this countdown! I am going to be so sad when it goes away!!

    1. ahhh well, jump over to bloglovin' - it's all the same!

  2. I love your five things posts so much! <3

  3. It's not GFC that's going, it's Google reader, they're not the same thing xxx

  4. Thanks for the link to bloglovin

  5. Lady you are too kind! but thanks SO much for including me in your links... i feel honoured! xxx

  6. Vodka soaked candy is dangerous, yet brilliant. DO IT.


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