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25 June 2013

w.i.(wish i)w.(to wimbledon)t :: strawberries and cream

dress // necklace // clips // purse // shoes
so, i've been lusting over bonne chance collections for aaaaages now, and i'm constantly too-late at grabbing their bigger sizes before they sell through. while i'm losing weight i don't really want to be buying pretty things they are too-small now, just in hopes they will fit me soon. i'd rather wait until the weight is off, and celebrate with a pretty new frock! well, i just about changed my mind when i stumbled upon the romantic rendezvous dress in their shop. with the reverse layers, and pretty floral print that remind me of strawberries, i took one look at this dress and imagined a whole strawberry themed outfit to wear around it!

i found this necklace on polyvore, and it reminded me of a necklace i once used to own and never take off. one time my bff lauren made me a scrapbook of our friendship, and in it she wrote "i will always remember your strawberry necklace!" i didn't really think much of it, but... yeah, i wore it a lot. i've longed for this cath kidston purse forever, and even though it's on sale i just can't bring myself to buy it. it's so impractical - too small for everything i keep in my purse, and it would be a shame to have this purse and not use it everyday? i could use it for change, or just cards, or my travel cards and... spare... buttons? i suppose? but... it still remains on the most wanted list.

i actually already own these clips! i bought these off my instfriend kelly-anne (@tinytangerines) awhile back, and really do need an excuse to break them out more often! i think this dress would be the perfect excuse, don't you? and as for these shoes - since buying my ted baker jellies a few weeks back, i feel an obsession coming on.

what do you think of my strawberry-inspired outfit? wimbledon perfect or what!

also - shop happy at bonne chance with 10% off your order with code erica. free and fast shipping internationally too, so... what are you waiting for?

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  1. I HAVE THIS DRESS! I have photos ready but I want to do a post featuring all three of my Bonne Chance Collection :) I love it, it's gorgeous especially the pleated skirt!

    Really love your Strawberry theme! I didn't even think of that! It's perfect for Wimbledon ;)

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.com

    1. ahhh of course you do! you have all the prettiest things! x

  2. I love Bonne Chance but have the same problem getting the bigger sizes. This outfit is so pretty though, fingers crossed it'll come back in the bigger sizes soon! I've been tempted to get a smaller size but also don't want to have it as a "it will fit soon" dress

    1. the same problem as me! ahh one day, we will look fab in a medium! x

  3. Wow, that outfit is super, super cute! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

    Lyndsay xx


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