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7 June 2013

five things

you guys! this week... started off with a bang! if you follow me on twitter or instagram (@imbeingerica!) you will have already seen my adventures on sunday, larking about on the red carpet at the world premiere of brad pitt's new film world war z and after party vip muse gig in st. james' park. but if you haven't then... that happened! hob nobbing and schmoozing with the celebs has never been done with less class or grace as it was by carmen and i on sunday. more on that to come though. for now, the friday faves!

1 // during the week i discovered my instafriend victoria has a new etsy shop called spooky sweetheart, and in it i discovered this bad boy. it's now on a plane somewhere across the pacific, on it's way to me all the way from my home-away-from-home, new zealand. she has some bloody adorable things in her wee shop, so if you're a bit of a kawaii fan or lover of all things cute, you should definitely check it out! she comes highly recommended - i bought some stuff from her old shop last year too!

2 // speaking of etsy shops, toni's long-anticipated etsy shop has finally opened! how adorable are her hand-made brooches? i adore the wee clouds, and will be investing rather shortly. have you seen jane's printable to-do lists? i desperately need some of these! miss ally's shop is full of sweet and customised ukelele's... always wanted a personalised tiny-human guitar? here's the perfect place to get one! what are you favourite etsy shops? leave me a comment, i need some new faves!

3 //how on earth is emily half way through her latest pregnancy? unfair. // what lyrics are you getting wrong? // how to make it impossible to fail // i love everything about taza's family. they're so photogenic! // father's day is almost here (in the northern hemisphere anyway) - grab some free printables! // 5 tips on vintage shopping // i don't quite know what arugula is, but this needs to get on my plate. // 9 diy glitter projects! get busy!

4 // do you consider yourself a bit of a dessert fiend? i bloody do. fancy creating your own dessert and reaping in the profits? i bloody do. to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first gü chocolate souffle pots hitting the shelves in the uk, and to coincide with the launch of the new gü york cheesecake pot, (delicious, glorious cheesecake) gü are giving us the opportunity to create a new, limited edition pud! leave me a comment with what your favourite gü dessert is and one lucky winner with receive £10 worth of gü vouchers! (sorry, uk and r.o.i. only)

5 // and on that note, i need to eat this no bake strawberry pie. now. happy friday!

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  1. That strawberry pie is SO getting made this weekend, looks amazing! And the little cloud brooch is quite possibly the cutest thing ever! x

    1. i too am making this pie - tomorrow in fact!


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