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28 June 2013

r.i.p five things, hello friday favourites

same concept; new name. i just found that week on week i've been posting hundreds of links, so can't really get away with calling this feature 'five things' anymore. apologies for the unimaginative title, but.. what you gunna do?

[fave news pieces] what your handbag-holding style says about you. as a hands-free kinda gal, apparently it says i'm a bit of a dork. who knew? this guy reckons you should forget about marketing, and focus on blogging. i kinda agree. i love the idea behind these pretty-backed-bras. i can't tell you how many times i've seen a lovely dress ruined by an ugly bra strap! ifb shares 6 simple design tweaks to make your blog better. yes please!

[fave blog posts] rachel's home tour on apartment therapy is just gorgeous. her house is full of amazing repurposed treasures - i adore the mint bench around the kitchen table! madison's 'coming up roses' review is gushing with ditzy floral love for queen kidston. get lost in sally's amazing pictures and overwhelming love for salad. kat shares the most colourful wedding she's ever seen - and that says a lot! speaking of colours, i know it's not 'til november, but i hope i get an invite to ally's party!

[fave foodies] ashley's peanut butter and banana smoothies - drool! amy's 5:2 satay chicken looks and tastes amazing (i made it on wednesday night!). it's delicious and is super low in calories! the perfect fast day dinner. unlike the strawberry rhubarb crumble pie and lavender blackberry scones by joy the baker. something savoury? nope. blackberry bourbon fizz. sorry not sorry, i didn't even try for real food.

[fave fashion finds] am loving is floaty lilac number from sheinside (plus 20% and free int'l shipping? yes!), this pretty cream daisy frock from river island and everything in the cath kidston sale. i haven't been into new look for ages. shocking, right? since we moved in, i've been buying nothing but homewares. but, i just trawled the new-in section and found some gorgeous finds; this cream sunflower frock, this floral pinny, this apple print dress, not to mention the bags and sandals i found! thank god today is payday! especially because of  how i need to own everything in the dahlia sale.
[fave picture] how captivating is this sitting room? it's all in the detail here for sure. those curtains! c'mon! i love everything about it. what's your take on it?

happy payday weekend you lot!

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  1. Hahaha apparently you and I are dorky. We can be dorky together! I always love reading your 'five things' or 'friday favouries' you always post such interesting things!

    Summer x

    PS. I have a giveaway going on right now to win a pair of earrings of your choice from Foxy Originals enter here: http://ohsummercandy.blogspot.ca/2013/06/what-im-wearing-wednesday-foxy.html

  2. I'm in love with those curtains! wow! x

  3. That sitting room! Gorgeous! Enjoyed the forget about marketing article, true! xx

  4. Such a bright and colorful room, with white space. Love!!! My hand bag style is a mix of dorky, street smart and a little spaced out, bahahaha.


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