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23 June 2013

the weekend edition :: booty fun

after the disappointing start we had on saturday - where we heaved ourselves from bed around 8am to head to a local boot sale that - apparently, no longer exists, we decided that on sunday we would try our luck again at the boot sale we visited last weekend. after breakfast, and getting through the obligatory sunday morning chore-fest, we headed out around lunchtime to get to the grounds that opened at half twelve. as we headed out, it started to bucket down. as we reached the station, it had cleared up. oh, london. i can never quit you.

as we got there, a lot of the sellers were still setting up, so we ended up doing quite a few rounds of the stalls before it was all raring to go. my first purchase was three pink scalloped dishes (two large, one small) that will be good for snacks or storing small trinkets in. our next purchase was a vintage clock (that we haven't got working just yet...) that now sits above my sewing table in my coffee nook - it's the perfect addition to my corner! we found a woman selling (and i quote) "some junk an old lady gave me", and in that was some gorgeous silk scarves and a gorgeous jewellery box. while boyfriend was looking at the box, the lady yelled over that we could take it and the contents for a couple quid. i asked if she would throw some of the scarves in for me too, and she did! once we were home and examined the loot, there were some gorgeous brooches and a number of necklaces that need small fixes made to them, but.. generally, a fantastic find! 

on the second round i found this elton john album. if you read my m is for music post, you'll know that growing up, we listened to a lot of elton john; he is a definitely a favourite of my parents. in fact, a fun fact about this album (goodbye yellow brick road) is that it is the only album that appears twice in my parent's record collection; the only album they each brought to their marriage. i told this story - and of how much "i missed my parents" (sorry mum), to the trader trying to sell it for a fiver, and he gave it to me for £2. *evil laugh* i also saw this vintage platter at the same stall i picked the vintage clothes up from last week, and haggled it down to 75p. i was on fire!

we then picked up some fairy light lanterns that i've wanted for above my bead for aaages now - again, we were told that they work, but as yet we've not been able to see evidence of that... for only a pound, i can hardly be annoyed, but, i am a tad devo. i've hung them up anyway. boyfriend reckons he will be able to fix them, so i will leave him to it. from the same lady, a few rounds later, i nabbed this vintage houndstooth wool coat for £3. three great british pounds. stirling. it's a tad big, but it means i will be warrrrm next winter! it's wool, so it's heavy, and it's a swing coat, so it's suuuuper flattering! it was definitely my best find of the day.

what do you think? did you hit the sales today? send me links in the comments!

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  1. so jealous of all your amazing finds! The car boot sale I wanted to go to today was called off because it was supposed rain - but it didn't! :(

    I love those scalloped dishes and what a great find with the jewellery box :)

    1. i am happy with them too! shame about yours, but always next time!

  2. Can't believe you managed to get all that jewellery and scarves for only a few pounds! It was definately your lucky day :-)

    Love the coat as well, it might be a winter coat, but with the "summer" we've been having, you might need it sooner rather than later! :-) x

    1. i could have done with it this morning actually!

  3. A boy that will go booting...keeper! Gorgeous finds, that coat is beautiful <3 xx


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