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20 June 2013

mundane midweek.

this week, you guys. so much boredom. i'm on 'the late shift' this week, while boyfriend is on the normals. that means that he wakes me up an hour before needs be, but i still can't go to work. i should do something productive; go to the gym or something. no, that's not going to happen. starting work at ten is okaaaaaaay i guess, except for at four when half the office goes home, then it blows. then again at five, with some more trickle out. that blows too. but, going to a packed gym and six and then missing trains and connecting trains and not arriving home til after eight thirty is all together ghastly. there's a special place in hell for things that blow that hard.

so, monday and tuesday were the most unproductive days of my life. ever. by far. all the work i needed to do was not ready (by others) to be done, which left me doing other things that weren't quite ready to be done. i hate being idle at work. i just kept thinking, that literally, there was no point in me being there. especially not past five, when all the people i was relying on for things were no longer at work. i'm 100% less productive while waiting for others to do their parts of my work, and 100% more angry at being at work while others who need to complete their work, aren't. that's not such great maths.

finally things started to come together on wedesday, which was nice. especially as now i only have three days to complete five days of work. it's ok though, i'm used to that.


(if you're feeling ranty, head over to charlotte's blog to let off some steam in her link-up!)

oh also, i'm guest posting over on laura's blog today. if you fancy reading a review on a lip product i've been using lately, head on over there!

oh, also also, how adorable is my new sewing/blogging/coffee nook? found the chair on the side of the road. score!

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  1. Love the nook - excellent find in the chair - love what you've done with the place xxx Mum

  2. I hate it when you have to wait around for others to do something so that you can do your job! SO annoying! On the bright side that's a cute little picture. Love the flowers and sewing machine :)


  3. 3 days to complete 5 days of work.. I hear that. You should add this to the link up on my post, lots of people found new blogs they loved through it last week apparently (and yours is one no-one could help but love so well worth shoving it into the spotlight!) xx

  4. Waiting on others for work sucks. Especially when that means you have nothing much to do until they are done. Hate when that happens!

  5. I detest having to wait for others to do their job. I also hated group projects for this very same reason. Lame sauce. I've been feeling super unproductive this week also. I have lots to do and feel so unmotivated to get anything accomplished.


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