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13 June 2013

the premiere

last (last) sunday afternoon, while i was suffering from a bad case of the blues (and reds. ahem), i received some frantic messages and missed calls from carmen while i was in the shower... i should have been quicker to respond, for in those text messages was an invitation. an invitation to end all invitations. an invitation, to the world premier of brad pitt's new 'summer thriller' film... world war z(zzzz).

so, i plied myself with paracetemol, dolled myself up, and met carmen at leicester square. we giggled like school girls as we lined up with the 'proper vips', awaiting the arrival of the guest of honour so we could take our seats in the cinema. there were thousands of people turned out for the premier - odd, for a sunday, and being stuck in the line didn't help as we weren't even able to get a glimpse of the celebs as they turned up! gutted; the masses of people were blocking the screens as well, so all hope was lost. until...

suddenly, we were on the red (black) carpet. and angelina jolie was stood right next to me. and i was getting papped (i hope) and screamed at by strangers. it was so surreal. brad was nowhere to be seen. at the end of the carpet i could see alex zane interviewing the celebs as they passed, and then before i knew it, we were at the doors to the cinema. gutted! we tried to turn around and go back but no; we were herded into the building without a second thought.

we took our seats and waited.

and then, in front of my eyes, not three metres away from my person, was brad flippen pitt. with the quick intro out of the way, and a rousing reception from the audience of vips (and us), it was on with the show. during the credits, i could hear the four lads sat behind us being rowdy and basically just being geezers. i thought they might be 'famous' or something because of the way that they were acting. i'd seen them on the carpet earlier but not recognised them - or at least, not cared when i realised it wasn't one direction. yeah, well...turns out it was lawson. lawson sat behind us and acted like proper lads at the world premiere of brad fricken pitt's new film. someone should tell cowell. or whoever's in charge of them. massive. dicks.

the film was... about zombies. it was not the best film i had ever seen. it wasn't the worst either, but... it was the best world premiere i've ever seen, so that's something. after the film, we boarded one of seven coaches that had been sent to pick us up and take us 6 minutes up the road to horse guards parade where we were to be treated to a vip after party gig by the one-and-only, muse.

it was epic. i am not a muse 'fan' but the gig was insane. they played tune after tune after tune. all thriller, no filler. i am officially converted, and that was easily the best sunday i've had in a long time.

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  1. Ahhhh, that's so surreal! Thank goodness you finally answered your phone!


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