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21 June 2013

five things

better late than never, eh? it's been that nifty thing called 'life' getting in the way again! last night i had some drinks with the girls after work, and that somehow culminated in an impromptu chinese buffet here in soho and, i must say, the after affects of that one meal have not been pleasant for anyone involved! and, we've all heard the news about insta-vid by now - and, if you follow me, you will have seen my lame-ass introduction videos.. of which there were a few. well, raging accent supporters of the world, i thank you for your kind words! i will admit you have all been american so far, so i suspect my accent is somewhat of a novelty? yeah? well, it wears real thin on folks around here! so thank you for filling me with happiness late on a thursday night! on with the love in...

[love] speaking of instagram, have you seen autumn's new-home snaps? lady has the ideal home. i am so jealous that her kids get to grow up in that magical house, and i don't! so bright and happy!

[bloggers] shannon is grumpy today. go and high five her. islaay shares an awsome tutorial on how to do a fish tail braid. if only my hair was longer, wah! kaelah has a sale on in her closet! how adorable is kate's felt applique printable? want it! helen shares her sales picks... whose shout is it? #broke

[dining] thai chicken quinoa that actually makes me want to try quinoa. blueberry mohitos... yurrm! these chocolate peanut butter balls will be making an appearance soon. as might this cookies and cream martini... *drooools!

[news] kimye supposedly called their kid north. the best part of this article is the twitter tirade at the bottom. the ladies of tatty devine have been awarded an mbe for services to fashion. well deserved? what do you say? charlotte has broken the recent news about mulberry's creative director leaving the company. there goes the slim chance i ever had at securing the life-long covetted lily bag. wah!

[picture] i'm sorry, did someone say it was summer? errrrr. but also, nommmmmmmmmmm.


happy weekend one and all - any plans you want to share with me? oh, congrats to tasha-anne for winning jess' benefit giveaway! your prize should be in the post now!  and welcome on board to my new sponsors tori, polly and amy, as well as shannon, jane and toni who you should already know!

june sponsor post coming soon... (sponsor here!)

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  1. I'm now following you on Instagram. That is sadly the one social media account I usually neglect. I've never been much of a picture taker. I'm HOPING that by following a few more active people, I'll be more inclined to participate as well haha.

    Mmm... ice cream.

    1. i'm a bit of an instagram hog, so... apologies in advance.

  2. Hi Erica! I highly recommend quinoa, it is absolutely delicious (they even do different types of quinoa spaghetti oo-er!)I'm totally stealing the Thai chicken quinoa recipe : )
    Lou xx

  3. Hi Erica, I highly recommend quinoa, it is delicious (they even do different types of quinoa spaghetti can you imagine!) Totally stealing that Thai Chicken recipe and dreaming of blueberry mojitos as i stare out of my work office window :) Lou xx

    1. well i will definitely need to try it then! x


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