holiday reads

bossypants :: tina fey // is everyone hanging out without me (and other concerns) :: mindy kaling

i read someone's reviews recently on these two books (i can't remember who, was it you?), and because i'd been wanting to read them both for ages, and, because i was trying to talk myself out of buying 'it' instead, and...because i was planning for a 26 hour commute - i just bought them. just like that! go me!

i think i'm most excited to read tina's; i'm a long time fan, since well before meal girls (but that certainly cemented my affections), and in my eyes that woman can do no wrong. even the questionable 2010 comedy date night was improved by her impeccable comedic timing and genius one liners being in there (and mark wahlberg)(well done to him on graduating recently, by the way). and, even now just reading the back cover of bossypants is making me giggle. oh, tina. you so funny.

mindy's offering i am less looking forward to; mostly because i used to think mindy was funny, but then i watched the mindy project, and... she just isn't. so, time will tell.

have you read either of these? what did you think? leave reviews below!