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14 November 2013

competition // come dine with me (+ furniture choice)

when furniture choice challenged all foodie bloggers out there to put their party skills to the test by planning a 'come dine with me' type dinner party, well... i was bound to sign up, right? the competition will be judged on more than just the 'dinner' element; the dinner party's theme, complexity of menu, creativity and originality were also key components, so i have been mulling over this for some time; but now i reckon i've nailed it.

theme + dress code
i mean, it wouldn't be any party of mine if there weren't flowers in abundance, so i reckon i'd whack a vintage tea party theme on it and call it a day. think wild flowers in milk bottles, lace table cloths, mismatched china and cutlery, welcome drinks in tea cups and saucers, and floral garlands and bunting aplenty. female guests will be asked to wear their favourite tea dresses and pearls, while the gents asked to don their best brogues and braces. handlebar moustaches will be an encouraged touch!

the table will be set with hand made place tags atop the place settings, as well as a few fun things to keep the evening moving. in the centre of the table will be an instant camera, and guests will be encouraged to take pictures of each other, their meals, and themselves (a vintage instagram, if you will!) throughout the night. also in the centre of the table will be a teapot full of questions, dares and jokes for guests to take turns pulling out and opening up for the table, to maximise chatter and fun!

food + drinks menu
on arrival, guests will be presented with a tea cup and saucer, and shown to the drinks cart to choose their poison for the night; the selection will include british favourites like pimms, elderflower fizz and the more traditional g&t with fresh lemon and lime. as well as cocktails in tea cups, a selection of local wines and ales will be available for guest to enjoy with their meals, and the obligatory teas over dessert.

// as a nod to the traditional afternoon tea, the meal will begin with a starter of smoked salmon and cream cheese frittata, served with a side of rocket, pear and parmesan salad and fresh lemon dressing. // in keeping as much as possible with the 'finger food' theme, the starter will be followed up with a main of a c+blt (chicken and bacon burger!), with a side of hand cut sweet potato fries and selection of homemade dips; creamy aioli, chunky salsa, and tangy avocado - all prepared in house and made with love, by me. // the dessert will conclude with a trio of baked minis; vanilla bean and white chocolate cheesecake, fresh strawberries and cream pavlova, and finally, a lemon curd tartlet.

entertainment + more
while the guests dine on their delicious meals, a vintage record player will play softly to ensure the vintage ambiance is maintained throughout the evening, right until the end of the night. a selection of up-beat but classic vinyls from back in the day will be available for the guests to select from to create a fun atmosphere, and ensure maximum enjoyment!

as for the entertainment, well, no tea party would be complete without tea cakes, amiright? in between mains and dessert, guests will have the opportunity to design and decorate their own cupcakes and cookies from a selection of pre-made but undecorated goodies fresh from the oven! the supply cart will include butter icings in an array of colours, edible glitter and sprinkles, as well as gummy sweets for the finishing touches. the creations will be take home in hand-made goodie bags, provided by the hostess with the mostess prior to the day. also in the goodie bag will be souvenirs from the evening; the instant pictures taken by the guests, a sweet 'thank you' card, and an extra portion of the desert trios (can't have them go to waste!).

et, voila! that's how you throw a dinner party, right? i mean, a dinner party for nana's, definitely. should i have included crochet hour? a game of backgammon? a nap? what do you think i should do differently? not that it matters, really, because this is exactly how i would throw a dinner party. cupcake craft and all.

wish me luck!

*all pictures sourced from we heart it*

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