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27 March 2015

wishlist | payday picks

bag | glasses | skirt | jeans | platforms | sandals | skirt | ring

paydaaaaay is heeeeere, and here are a couple of the pieces i have saved in various bags and baskets around the interwebs. "jeeeeaaaaans?!" i hear you all crying in shock and outrage, and yes. over the years, when "boho is back" (again), i am often tempted to try on a pair of wide legs or flares just to remind myself whhhhy i haven't physically worn a pair in almost six years. this high waisted pair from h&m is going to be the happy recipient of, and catalyst for all my body hate this season, i think! 

i'm clearly stuck on the boho theme at the moment, if the accessories are anything to go by; leather sandals, wooden platforms and crocheted bags fill my imaginary baskets, and i am quite sure that at least one of those pairs of shoes has already been purchased. time will tell whether or not that is the case.

what spring trends are you coveting at the moment?

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