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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

shoes :: new look
bag :: miss selfridge
wig :: c/o annabelle's wigs
love heart bangle :: c/o urban gal
dress :: c/o debenhams (darling concession)
flower crown :: c/o boyfriend and my front yard

i have approximately 100 weddings to attend this summer*, and as those dates creep closer, the more i start to think about what to wear... despite the fact they are all different groups of friends, there is absolutely no way i can wear the same outfit, right? i don't know the rules about wedding outfit recycling; i haven't been to a lot of weddings in my time. but, to have 3 weddings roll out within 2 months of each other, well, it's thrown me into a panic.

cue the lovely folk at debenhams who came to the rescue with this gorgeous floral print dress by london brand darling. it's absolutely gorgeous and it's so perfect for each or all of the impending weddings. it's structured and fit-and-flare, and holds me in in all the right places. it's like it was made for me. and, if i do say so myself, i think it looks bloody good on too**. (yes kim, another blue dress!)

the flowers in the dress are the exact same colour as this cute scalloped bag i picked up last year in the mid year sales at miss selfridge, which was such a happy coincidence! the bag needs a bit of a clean - anyone know how to clean suede without ruining the fabric? help a sister out.

i'm obsessed with the geneveive wig i won recently from annabelle's.. so many people haven't realised it's even a wig! i love it for these outfit posts, because i'm far too lazy and bored of my hair at the moment, and it's so easy to throw on and style up with a(nother) floral crown! this one is homemade, but perfect for this dress! i was thinking of getting a white floral crown to wear with this dress, but i think i might just get boyfriend to makeshift me one for the occasion - he's done quite a good job with this one!

* a highly exaggerated number. it's actually three. 
** sorry about the bare legs. i feel naked.


  1. You look gorgeous, the dress really suits you.
    I didn't realise it was a wig until I read on - looks fab on you! x

    1. thank you leanne! i adore this dress (+ wig!) x

  2. The floral crown suits you perfectly :) xx

    1. thank you! even though it's tiny (and now quite dead), it was perfect for this outfit x

  3. I love that dress, it looks great on you! And I can't believe that's a wig! Might have to pop on over to Annabelle's and have a look at their other styles.



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