the weekend edition

this weekend has been full of charity shop and boot sale hauls. on saturday, when i was soooo bored waiting around for boyfriend to download stream more breaking bad for me, i quickly got changed into my saturday rags and headed off up the street to buy some snacks. boredom equals but is not greater to snacking.

while up the road, i checked out a few of the local charity shops. in the age uk at the top of my street, i found the sweetest pyrex set; 5 cups and saucers with delicate lilac and orange ditzy print for £3.99. sat next to the set was the matching jug, and 4 more cups for £3.50. a quick consultation with the leading uk pyrex specialist told me that these prices were incredibly good, and so back i went to pick up all 20 pieces for less than £7.50! happy days! i grabbed some lilac daisies on the way back, and intsantly brightened my lousy, rainy day right up.

today, boyfriend and i headed out to a local boot sale. i've not been to any since moving to the uk, as it's kind of hard to get to and from them without a car. we found one on our train line which was only about a 15  minute walk from the station; and - as it was a midday start, so we didn't have to be there super early. it was £1 entry for the 'earlybirds' and then 50p after 1:30; we'd arrived around midday and it seemed like not everyone had set up yet... it was also raining ever so lightly, but enough to be annoying and for the sellers to have half their stuff covered up.

i was a bit disappointed, but we carried on. my first find was a teapot shaped like an owl. i mean, what?! i took one look at it, and knew it had to be mine. i asked the seller, preparing to haggle; "one pound" came the reply. well, no hesitation required. i quickly handed over my coin and proudly took the tea pot from its place on the table. our second score came in the form of lionel richie and complete disney classics vinyls for 50p a piece, and a pyrex plate for 25p. i couldn't believe the prices! so much cheaper than the charity shops in london, i was shocked! 

we then came across a woman selling just about everything from her kitchen. she had a set of hornsea pottery canisters marked at £3 a piece, or the complete set plus the slightly chipped honey pot for £8. back to miss kim for some guidance, and yes. that came home with us too! it's not really my style, but who's to say it won't be one day. it's been with that lady since the 70's and was in great condition. i'm sure classic pottery like that retains its value. another bargain!

there was a couple in their 60's selling the forgotten wares from their attic. an array of polyester dresses dating back to the 70's were hung on a rail very carefully and covered with plastic. a floral dress caught my eye, and as i lifted the plastic i saw so many pretty vintage dresses! i had a handful of things before i asked for prices. i braced myself and the chap replied "two pound for the dresses and one for the others". i just about laughed in his face! i picked a few favourites, and offered him a fiver. he accepted! i was grinning from ear to ea

i certainly did well from this boot sale; boyfriend, not so much. besides his entry fee and a hot dog, he didn't really find anything he loved. he did grab himself the lionel richie vinyl as it reminds him of an episode of family guy (yes lionel, you have been hurt. i feel your pain!), and he also owns a quarter of the hornsea pottery (because i ran out of money). but irregardless, we had a wonderful day at the market! and what about this guy? what a hoot!