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17 March 2014

competition | the mother metamorphosis

finally! the evidence to support the creepy notion that it's not just me who feels that they're becoming more and more like their mum, the older they get. i catch myself so often pulling out the passive aggressive turns of phrase that my mum used on me as a kid; when i'd left a light on (do you live in a lighthouse?), when i left my dishes in my room (when the cleaning fairies come, can you send them to do the laundry?), when i got lazy with my chores (what did your last slave die of?), and now i can rest easy knowing it's definitely not just me

hallmark have whipped up this pretty fun infographic off the back of a recent survey that just goes to show we're more like our mums than we think. now i don't know about you, but of those top five indicators that i'm turning into my mum, i can safely tick off at least three. soaps and dramas aren't really my thing, and i reckon i've always been a worry pot, but the going to bed early thing i can't really blame on my mum; she's a night owl and an early bird - some sort of hybrid critter that runs on strong coffee, weak tea and not very much sleep. she definitely taught me how to bulk shop for groceries though, that's all her. 

oh, and i've never had a problem being outspoken.

to celebrate the mums who've raised us to be just like them, hallmark are giving away the ultimate mother's day treat. all the details can be found over on their web page, and it's as simple as filling in a form and then worrying about where your details will be passed on to, and who's going to be spam calling you next. 

the prize pack is so pink, i want to win it and keep it all for myself! oh, but not. although mother's day isn't celebrated in australia until may, i'm going to enter, hopefully win, then save the prize for when my mum is here later on in the year... good plan? i thought so!

i'm supposed to encourage you to enter. but... as i want to win, i'd rather you didn't.
if you must, you can here.

*post written in collaboration with hallmark*

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  1. Oh god, I recognise far too much of that! I quite often correct myself for physical gestures like Mum too (although she's definitely the most inspirational person in my life so I shouldn't really care)!

  2. Yes, all sayings that my mum knew too! Although, 'Do you live in a lighthouse?' was traditionally 'It's not Blackpool Illuminations!' in my house. Cultural differences I guess! Good luck with the competition x

  3. BAHA! thank you lovely x

  4. god bless our mammas!


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