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10 March 2014

sushi samba | forty storeys tall

last week, rebekah and i headed over to bishopsgate for a pancake day special at polo bar. (you can read my review of the pancakes over on six out of ten mag, who published it for shrove tuesday.) before we headed out for dinner though, we made the gutsy decision to head forty floors up the heron tower for a spot of a sightseeing...under the guise of pre-dinner drinks at sushi samba.

the reason for the guise? despite the amazing 360 view of london, the heron tower is no tourist attraction. because the 46-storey tower is the tallest skyscraper in the city of london, and the mostly-commecrial building only boasts the one public viewing area, it's pretty impossible to get into unless you're headed to the bar. there's a door guy, whose job it is to enforce the dress code and check the i.d.s because, if you're going in the elevator, you're going to the bar. 

still, with an hour or so to spare, we made the decision to bite the bullet and play the game. we hopped in the great glass elevator, and shot skyward in no time at all. skimming over the cocktail menu, we ordered the cheapest drink we could find (small change from £20... each), then had a wander out to the viewing deck (actually marketed at the smoking area) to take in the city's twinky twilight. it was an over cast day - grey clouds and a bit of rain, but at 40 storeys high, you could hardly tell. 

the view was sensational. i am not a fan of heights, at all, but with a backdrop as pretty as the city of london, with all her landmarks sparkling with pride on the skyline, i barely noticed at all (until i looked down. that wasn't fun). my £14 elderflower fizz though? nothing to write home about (sorry mum).

so, if you're ever stuck for a way to kill some time and don't mind spending all your drinks tokens in one round, then definitely try sushi samba; the view from the top is enough of a pull, because honestly, i've never seen london look like so gosh darn sexy.

have you been up the heron tower? where's been your favourite view of london?

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