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20 March 2014

w.i.w.t | peachy green, jellybean

sunnies from kim | dress : forever 21 | cardigan : dotti | tights : primark | shoes : new look* | bag c/o george

in hindsight, i should have posted this outfit on st. pat's, as it contains one of only three barely-green things i own, but... oh well. this dress. i first bought it about this time last year, to wear to kim's wedding. which i did, and i looked fab. i even had bare(ish) legs! i thought i had to go bare(ish) with this dress because the palette is so soft, and black would just... look crap. well, when the sun calls for spring colours, but the wind still calls for tights, what's a girl to do..?

go with navy, of course! the navy compliments the powder blue in the dress, and isn't too harsh on the pastel palette of the dress. plus, dark and thick enough to keep my wee chunky legs happy and hidden against the chilly wind. 

the cardi is a firm favourite of mine; the sweet cut-out pattern and adorable love heart buttons keep this (and it's white sister version) in fairly regular rotation while the sun's out to play. both are the 3/4 sleeve, and light enough to keep the torso warm without looking too chunky on a lightweight outfit. the peach is such a sweet colour, and obvvviously has encouraged my new peach-lips obsession that's sort of come up out of nowhere, but within a week saw me add four new lipsticks in varying shades of peach and coral (more on that another day!) to my already ridiculously full lipstick tray on my dresser. yes....

i'm basically a slave to rimmel, and whenever they tell me to buy something i do. mainly so i will always be in possession of "the london look", partly because i wish i was a jagger, and then duh of course because kate moss has the best taste in lippy. for example, this new lasting finish shade of #16 (love how they just have numbers); there are three of us at work with this shade now, after i introduced it to them, and on each of us it looks completely different. i love that on me it's super peachy, and on others it's been more apricot. it's the perfect spring burst on these gorgeous sunny days.

what do you make of the navy tights and peach lips? is it my new spring look?

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  1. You look fabulous (as always) The cardigan is my favorite thing out of this whole outfit for sure though!

  2. I do love this cardi, Pats!

  3. love that cardigan, want to track down one of my own. I might try a variation on black tights for spring, think I've got some teal and grey ones somewhere.

  4. That dress is so pretty, and you have the cutest scalloped bags! I was just thinking to myself this morning that I need a peach lip color!

    xox Sammi

  5. I love this dress, it is so pretty!! Marvellous look doll xx

  6. This outfit is making me want it to be warm so badly! It's so pretty, and I"m especially smitten with that bag :)



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