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11 March 2014

frock swap | duck and duffel

last week we launched frock swap to the bloggosphere to some really great feedback. considering the time of year - the spending bans, the weight-loss resolutions and the inevitable tightening of purse strings, we thought that raiding the wardrobes of your friends would be the next best thing to actually buying new. and, well, i suppose a lot of you agreed, and said that you were looking forward to seeing us pull it all together... 

well, the first parcels were swapped. we all sort of had an idea of what was coming, but there was no way i could prepare myself for the gorgeous dress i unwrapped from debbie last thursday...

dress : duck and duffel | cardi : dotti | shoes : new look | bag c/o george | necklace : lovisa

this dress is a duck and duffel original. as in, it was handmade by debbie herself. now, because it's made to fit her (albeit from a standard pattern according to her blog post about it), there was no way it was going to fit me. which i was tremendously gutted about, because of the two dresses i received from debs, this was one zillion percent my favourite.

i adore the darker, seasonal base of the dress with the pretty pops of pastel blue and pale grey in the hummingbird print. having just picked up three pairs of new pastel flats last week, i knew as soon as i saw the print of the dress exactly how i was going to style it - these mint shoes were made to wear with this dress! the pretty, trans seasonal bag (another! scallopped! bag!) arrived late last week from the kind folk at george, and this was my natural first choice of bag to carry (puns!) the colour from the birds through the whole outfit. i added the adorable white cardi to break up all of the print, and completed the outfit with this insanely spiky and sometimes painful statement necklace that i nabbed in some sort of final clearance sale while i was in australia last year. the stars aligned when this dress was introduced to my accessories!

although i am gutted to have had to part ways with this baby so quickly, i am excited to see what rachel and donna do to make this pretty their own too. and, because they're all so teeny tiny, they will even be wearing it when they get the chance... debbie! make me one that fits my huge bum please!

so, what do you think? did i do this dress justice?

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  1. I love how you've styled this! Such a shame you couldn't wear it.

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

  2. You've got some gorgeous accessories to go with the dress, great styling x

  3. aw, thanks doll! though, I can't take credit for the dress - that's all Debs!

  4. I know, waaah! thank you thought :) x

  5. Perfect outfit for Spring! :)

    Stella | stellashek

  6. Damn damn damn that you couldn't wear the dress! Love your styling :) Seriously, mint is a fave of mine.

  7. Did you do it justice? Hell yes. You're right, the stars did align with your accessories. I want pastel flats too! Wahhh! I'm *really* looking forward to receiving this dress and putting in a prayer to the big man that it fits over my hips! Please please please xx

  8. It's gorgeous doll, I love how you picked out the blue colour in the dress with the accessories, so pretty!! Makes it stand out much more, love it!! xx


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