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29 March 2014

etsy feature | my arty advertisers

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this month i've been lucky enough to have not just one, but two etsy shop owners advertising over on my sidebar trying to flog their wares, and i felt it was about time i shared some of their adorable stock with you! you've met sonia of layoutlines before when i featured one of her incredible handrawn london landmarks a few weeks ago, but you may not have met avo yet, or her kawaii etsy shop love, teacup kisses.

the first thing that drew (haha) me in to avo's shop is all. of. the. piiiink pictures she has on offer, and also how stinking cute each of her drawings are. with token cutey pie images like unicorns and ice cream cones, to a handful of the most adorable modern-day pin up babes you'll ever see, love, teacup kisses is easily the go-to to make all your kawaii-printed dreams come true!

and what can i say about sonia's shop layoutlines that i haven't said before? her intricate and detailed hand sketched pieces of iconic landmarks around the world are just bloody amazing. i am lucky enough to already have one of her prints - the iconic tower bridge image actually, hanging on my feature wall at home, and it gets so many compliments whenever someone new sees it. i'm not arty - at all - so i don't have the words to describe how brilliant her pieces are; she's in a league of her own when it comes to the classic black and white drawings; her skill and attention to detail are just incredible.

trust me when i say that these two ladies have some serious skills, and no matter what your personal taste - cutesy or classic, you won't regret owning a piece from either of these incredible artists. 

if you fancy advertising with being erica, you can check out the sponsor page for more info!

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  1. So cute!! Love the little ladies with the food, ha. Precious!! I want someone to draw me sitting on a little dolls house drinking tea. Am gonna check out more of this sweet shop. Have a great weekend doll xx


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