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28 March 2014

it's my (herba) life

a couple of weeks ago, a friend at work told me that he'd become a distributor of herbalife after trying the products himself and seeing a really great result. at something like a stone lost in a pretty short space of time, my interest was piqued; i love a quick weigh loss solution, but hate one that takes too much meal planning, restraint, and bloody will power, because when it comes to food, i suck in those areas. that, and i just plain love to eat good food. like cooking it, like chewing on it, just really like eating food. which is why i'm desperate lately to try so many damn diets; all of the food is catching up with me. i need help.

late last year around this time i joined the gym so i could lose my heathrow half stone before my trip home. coinciding with that, i started the 5:2 diet (where you eat normally five days a week, and 'fast' with a maximum calorie intake of 500 per day on the other two). in the six or so months i was at the gym and on-and-off this diet, i didn't lose any number figures off my weight. i lost inches, because i toned up, but i basically just controlled what i ate. i hated it. again, food is my friend.

then, early this year, after christmas, i *tried* slimming world. i use the term "tried" super loosely, as i never really joined or went to a group or anything, i just used my pal's books and bought healthier food and cut down on snacking... so boring! we ended up eating the same three meals all week because of the healthy extra lists confusing the shit out of me (how am i supposed to choose between milk and cheese every day?) and it was bloody boring. around the same time i started the alpro almond milk challenge - plant powered smoothies in the morning with lush fruits and green ingredients on a base of almond milk, every morning for 7 days. of all the diets i'd tried, this one had left me feeling the most... everything. full, rejuvenated, and healthy, and it meant i was kickstarting my metabolism with a healthy breakfast and i was getting a couple of my five a day in one shot. two birds and all that. of all the diets, this was my favourite. why? because easy and because lazy.

so, when my pal at work explained the ease and health benefits of herbalife, i was pretty keen to hear more as i'd already been starting my day with a smoothie anyway, and this sounded like something i could do. the idea is to replace two meals a day with the nutritionally balanced and calorie controlled formula 1 shakes, and eat one balanced meal on top. so, because i gave up snacking for lent (no popcorn in almost a month, whaaaat!), this basically just meant substituting my daily sandwich with a shake. sounded too easy. so, with a mates rates deal sorted for a three day trial, i was convinced i could at least give this a go, and see how hard it actually would be...

not going to lie, day one was harrrrrd. i wasn't prepared enough with healthy snacks to have at work, nor with yummy ingredients for my morning shake, and so ended up having the vanilla f1 with an old banana and some oat drink as i had no almond milk on hand. it was all kinds of untasty. not to mention the distinct powdery taste of the smoothie (james, my pal, tells me after the fact that i should blend the night before, then blend again in the morning to ensure ultimate powder-free smoothies!). it was not a great start. the vitamin and caffeine tablets included in the pack helped around 11am, with a banana and a black coffee, but i was definitely struggling. lunch was pathetic - plain vanilla smoothy and an apple and mandarin. by 3pm, i was fading, miserable and hungry. i would have killed for a sandwich, but stuck it out, and basically inhaled my grilled chicken and cous cous within minutes of getting in the door that night.

the following day, i added frozen and fresh berries into the morning smoothie, and it was s o o o o o o much better! it was tastier, it was more filling, and it put me in a better mood to start my day. i'd prepared more snacks for work too, so i was able to get through with no caffeine tablets that day, instead subbing for more bananas and black coffee. lunch was still boring as sin; another plain vanilla smoothie, but i followed that up with some fresh strawberries and salted peanuts, so was happy and full-ish until dinner, when i devoured soy and ginger stir fry chicken in about three mouthfuls. hungry, yes, but not as hungry as the day before.

and the best part, when i weighed myself the following morning, i'd lost just over 3kgs (6lbs). in two days. on the morning of the third day, i knew i'd nail it - i had more willpower than the prior two days, and i had almost instant results to encourage me through. fruity snacks and black coffee were my two new best friends, and if the hunger pangs came, the quickly vanished with a glass of water, or a handful of fruit and nut mix. i was happy to see such great results in such a short space of time, and after chatting some more with james about other options, i caved and bought a month's starter kit to carry on the regime.

sadly, i had to wait a few days for it to arrive, and in that time i drank a lot, ate a lot, and basically undid all the good work, but i know it won't be hard to get back to where i was early last week. so, wish me luck guys! i really think this time i will see some serious results, without having to forsake my love of chewing and tasty treats. thankfully it didn't take that long for my body to accept the lower calorie intake, and hopefully this will mean that a healthier way of eating will follow the initial month's stash.

what say you; have you tried herbalife yourself, were your results good or bad?

if you're interested in trying this diet for yourself, please contact my friend james on twitter @BucksHerbal - he will be able to discuss pros and cons, and suitable options for weight loss, weight management or just a healthier diet. there's also a free-from range too! bonus points for accommodating everyone!

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  1. I have never used anything like this before. I take protein shakes sometimes as I work out, but nothing like this. Am glad it worked for you. Have a great weekend xx

  2. I haven't tried any of the above mentioned diets before myself, but one of my closest friends is currently dieting on Herba Life and she is doing really well with it! So far she has lost 2 stone in 12 weeks and she has gone from a size 14 to a size 10 in clothes!
    She has also just become a Herba Life rep for her local area too and has already had quite a few messages from our other friends requesting the 3 day trial pack (including a free from version!). I know she has been very strict with carbs, focusing mainly on bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and for the lean protein she has been focusing on chicken, fish, eggs, nuts.
    I'm not one for protein shakes etc, but if you are willing to give it a try to see how it works then why not?! I wish you all the best of luck with it hun. Keep us updated, yeah? xo


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