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14 March 2014

grillshack | beak street, london

before our theatre date on monday, boyfriend and i stopped for a quick (honestly, quick) bite at local diner, grillshack. i'd been once before - on my birthday last year just after it had just opened when it was still heaving with newness, and friends from work go there all the time for lunch (they have an awesome app you can order from the office then just go in and take it away!)(kinda like regular take away, but... not)(well ok, actually just like regular take away. but it's a restaurant, not a take away - ok!), so we figured we'd beat the crowds and head straight over after work. plus, i can literally see the restaurant from my window at work, so no fussing about with directions either. winner winner chicken dinner (literally)!

we were probably in the front door just after 5:15. we already knew what we wanted to eat, as we'd spent the afternoon perusing the menus of the local eateries, so had easily ordered by twenty past. the restaurant was d-e-a-d; we were one of only two couples in the whole restaurant - we assumed it must've just been a quiet monday... we'd barely had time to fill our soda cups and bicker about which of the house chooks was going to taste better, mine - the honey glaze, or his - the smokey barbeque, before our meals had arrived at our booth.

// an aside; the server who delivered our meals literally came back to the table as the first bite was going in my mouth to ask how my meal was. i know this is just really excellent service, and she must've been bored stupid, but to ask how my meal is before i've even had my first bite? unnecessarily attentive.

first bite: disappointed. mine was kinda dry, and not as crispy and delicious on the outside as the last time i'd been. boyfriend always starts on his chips, so i had to wait a bit before finding out what he thought of his bird. "the chips are good!" he'd replied. hm... i mean, he wasn't wrong. they really were. after a while i tried some of his bbq bird, and it was definitely not the same as the one i'd had back in september - in six months they'd completely lost the quality that we'd initially applauded them for. i was really sad. but also still super hungry, so i ate everything on my plate like a goodun.

we'd ordered the combo; available between 11:30 and 6:30 daily, you can get 1/2 a house bird (or halloumi burger), one side and one refillable soda for £9.95. usually the bird is £7.95, the chips another £2+ and same for the drink, so you save a little bit which is pretty good. except... we were going to go to bills - they do an amazing sweet and spicy chicken which comes with curried slaw and sweet potato fries, and still costs the same (minus the drink), and bills is consistently on form. why am i talking about bills when i should be reviewing grillshack?

because bills is unforgettable.

am i gutted we didn't go to bills? yes. will i be going back to grillshack for a third attempt? probably not. did boyfriend just tell me as i write this review that he would have prefered nandos if he could go back in time? 

yes. yes he did.

have you been to grillshack? what did you think?

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  1. Shame it wasn't as good as it had been the first time, I hate when that happens, go to a place nd get all excited about it and then it's not as good as you remember it being the first time. Happens to me a lot!! Looks good though. Have a wonderful weekend doll xx

  2. Lollllllll. Time travel to Nandos.

  3. I went to Bill's just last week and my boyfriend had the Sweet & Spicy Chicken you mention at the end. It was incredible (i snaffled a bite!) so I can understand why you mention it! I'll be ordering that when I go back. It's a shame when restaurants lose their quality after the initial buzz. There's an AMAZING burger place near me which is still maintaining excellent food but I'm dreading the day it starts to get complacent. I hope it never happens.

    Love how honest your reviews are - that's the way they should be :)

    I recently reviewed my first visit to Bill's on my blog - you might enjoy it, since you're a fan!

    Jo xxx

    She Wears Burgundy

  4. I've never been to Grillshack, but it certainly a shame when a restaurant loses its quality in such a short time. :(
    Thank you so much for the really honest review! :)

  5. yummmy nice juicy stake in the last pics... almost can't have the power to read the rest of the text:)



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