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2 December 2013

adlet could be my christmas miracle

are you a british blogger or online shop owner? have you heard of adlet yet? no, probably not. I bet you've heard of passionfruit ads and adproval though... well, if you're a brit blogger lke me - only really starting out in the game and not quite 'making a living' out of your ad sales, you'll know the suffrage felt recently over other platforms' monthly fees, international payments and the like, making selling our ad space a troublesome affair! some - like me, have taken to selling spaces ourselves; administering, selling and maintaining our ad swaps and sponsor's ads on a monthly (or when-we-can!) basis... and it's tiring work!
enter adlet; what is sure to be the uk's answer to trouble-free ad selling, straight from your blog. at a measly 10% per ad sold - and completely free for ad swappers, it's an affordable platform to hand ad woes over to. completely uk based and manned by some already-known faces around the bloggersphere (hi emma of ji ji kiki, here's looking at you, girl!), us baby bloggers are going to be well looked after!

sounds good, right? well, the team behind adlet need out help, because affordable ad-selling platforms don't just grow on trees (i'm told). off the back of last week's startup weekend event, the adlet team have entered a global battle with a chance to win mentoring from the execs over at Coca-Cola! in order for this to happen, and for adlet to get off the ground and start solving our problems, they need our help! to get into the top 15 of small businesses eligible to win, they need votes!

as a thank you to all those who vote, the wonderful emma is giving away a ji ji kiki goodybag at random for every 200 votes that adlet recieve (more info is here on the facebook page). get voting kids!

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