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5 December 2013

driving home for christmas

i said to boyfriend about a hundred years ago that one christmas i really want to go on a road trip. christmas here in the uk is really different to christmas back home -- more so than just as far as food and weather goes, so i'd love to make it really special by throwing tradition to the wind and just getting away. w'd just hire a car from hertz, pop a special christmas mix on the ipod, and drive into a snowy horizon... doesn't that sound lush?!

well, it's clearly not going to happen this year. in fact, we still don't really know what our christmas plans are this year, but it definitely got me thinking about what music really gets me in the christmas spirit. so without further ado, please let me regale you with my fun time, road time, christmas time tunes!

these are a couple of oldies but goodies. the standard christmas anthems that get everyone singing along whenever they're played. boyfriend told me i had to include the pogues' 'christmas in new york', but i'd honestly never heard that song until i'd moved here, so it's not something i'd be clinging to for christmas cheer. you can't beat a bit of wham, ol' geldof and those crazy bastard wizzards, and as these three are sure-fire sing-along starters, i'd need them on my christmas road trip; for a bit of nostalgia and retro love for *the good old days*...
these three represent the christmas movie soundtrack contingent of the playlist. 'love actually' and home alone' and  are my two christmas non-negotiables, and both the mariah and beach boys tunes are absolute classic hits. i basically would have each and every beach boys number on my playlist, but then it would just be a discography and not a christmas mix. so... i gotta be choosy. 
'home alone' is that film that you'd watch every time it came on the tv, and still find yourself smiling, singing and laughing along with every line. 'rocking around the christmas tree' is another classic tune, but one that when played, brings back happy memories of childhood. we're having all of these in the mix.
this chipmunks tune is one that is pretty much the only tradition my family and i have. since i was a child, we've always, always had this one disney christmas carols tape (tape!) that all us kids would put on while the parents got drunk, and we'd sing along and dance around the room. natch. well this particular song, my cousins and i had epic dance moves to, that to this day we still crank out at christmas lunch. it's rediculous, but i love it. and it's coming with me on the road.

and, hanson. oh my, how i loved hanson when i was 12 (through 22). and the year (and following few) that hanson brought their christmas album 'snowed in' out, it was all i would listen to during the festive season (and... yeah, far too long). this medly of 'o night devine' is so moving, powerful and... ok, i was 12. i just loved me some baby hanson. it's coming with me in the car.
so... boyfriend was asked for his contribution to the mix tape, and these are his picks. i'd never heard the bon jovi tune until he tried singing it to me the whole way home, then immediately played it (in full) as we walked in the door. i suppose i should keep him happy, so this can go on the tape. the east 17 classic is just that. and, although it's not technically a christmas tune (is it? why are they wearing ski outfits?), it reminds us all of christmas (assume it was a christmas release?), and is an epic sing-along anthem, so it too, is on the list.
so, whatdya think of my playlist? what would you put on your 'driving home for christmas' playlist?

*written in collaboration with brand*

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  1. Ah! This is so awesome! I've been meaning to make up a Christmas playlist, myself. I haven't figured out many details, but I know it will have Otis Redding's "Merry Christmas, Baby" on it. So good!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I love a Christmas playlist for wrapping presents and writing cards. May I also suggest this more recent Hanson number http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjWoEbjlZ-M

  3. east17 is sadly a christmas release and was a number one hit...though like you, i do wonder what is up with them and the ski wear!


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