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10 December 2013

uniquely you, uniquely me, uniquely modcloth

when amy over at modcloth got in touch, asking if i was interested in entering their 'uniquely you' challenge, i didn't stop to think before answering with a wholehearted yes. i adore modcloth, my love for the brand is only ever smooshed by their intolerable international shipping costs and the uncertainty of customs charges, but the brand? nothing but adoration. the product, the community, the brands; it's all good in my book, so when amy issued me with my product to style, well... i was stumped... because it's black.

loathe black things. in my wardrobe you'll find a handful of black-ish items, and it's intentional; i find black so dull. thankfully though, the staple of your style dress does have a few things i can work with; namely polka dots, and lots of pops of colour, meaning styling this baby should be a breeze...

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

the polka dot colours are primarily muted blues, reds and yellows, so that's the combinations i kept to. first things first was tights. i was tossing up between a gorgeous mustard pair and this raspberry pair, but one i found the sausage dog sweater and the love heart loafers, it was decided! the hearts on the shoes tie in with the hearts in the sweater, pulling the love theme the whole way through the outfit. plus, adoooorrrable puppies! can't go wrong with puppies on your puppies...

to tie in the blues from the dots i found this pretty short sleeved and collared shirt which will look smashing (one the jumper is off) with the sleeves on the dress rolled up ever so slightly to allow the frills to pop out. too sweet! i just realised that one of the puppies is wearing a blue bow tie too - it's all 'tie-ing' together nicely! the minty satchel and cream scalloped coat are the final touches to this uniquely-me outfit, and, with the pastels and polka dots (and puppies) i've just about hit the nail on the head as far as trans-seasonal pieces go, meaning this is one outfit that can take you right through until spring! 

what do you think? how would you have styled this pretty dress?

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  1. Loooove that dress...love those tights. Hate that I is broke. :p Fun stuff you found miss!

    1. you have an enviable wardrobe miss jenna. enviable!

  2. I'm the opposite of you - I'm constantly gravitating towards black, grey and white clothes despite trying to branch out and add a bit of color to my wardrobe every once in awhile!
    Modcloth has such great, colorful clothes though - I especially love that pastel blue satchel! Perfection.

  3. Looove Modcloth! I totally am more of a neutral person, though. You'll find lots of black in my closet haha! Love what you did with this dress though!

    1. ahh, as I get closer and closer to 30 I realise I should be heading more towards 'sensible-ville'. but why, when there's so many colourful frocks in the world!


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