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6 December 2013

cath kidston flagship store opening // #180piccadilly

also known as the day we waited almost an hour (felt longer) in the blistering cold, with free mugs of free tea and pan au chocolates for the biggest cath kidston store i'd ever seen to open to the world. also known as the day i saw the most florally fleet of cabs that will ever exist in london explode out of a giant gift wrapped present and make their way to the store. also known as the day we lined up for cath kidston gift cards valuing £1.80 each. also known as the day i met cath kidston. all before 10am. that day, was also known as yesterday.

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  1. Now I reeeeally want to come up to London. Looks great :) x

  2. Jealous... But also not liking the sound of that cold

  3. WHAAAAAT?! £1.80 EACH?! Im so confused-that sounds awful! The giant exploding present sounds amazing though! x


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