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13 December 2013

w.i.w.t :: christmas crowning glory

dress :: h&m // boots :: ebay // sophie floral crown :: crown and glory // clutch :: vintage
revlon chroma chameleon in aquamarine // rimmel space dust in total eclipse  // rimmel apocolips in galaxy

today's the day of the office christmas party. i bought this dress about a month ago, and by monday of this week, i was stressing out about it. it's too plain, it's too tight around the upper arms (hello bingo wings!), and i can't find the right belt for it. does it need a belt? who even knows. so much pressure on one night, where i'll probably end up drunk by 2pm, crying into my wine by 4, and throwing up in my kebab in bed by 7.

but hey, at least my hair looks great, doesn't it?
[edit] after much woe with my old lady arms, i have found this caaauuute little shrug (new look) for the evening too, which i intend to wear with much gusto. because of the sparkles in the cardi, shoes and crown i have decided to officially forgo jewellery. i don't wanna look like a gold digger.... or, do i?

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  1. Gorgeous outfit, you kinda remind me of Lily Allen with this look for some reason :) I Love the shade of that dress too xx

  2. Amazing head band! LOVE it! I want to have one like that.. I love flowers!

    Come by soon!


  3. beautiful headband, the whole outfit looks fantastic.

  4. Your hair looks fantastic! It's so bloody shiny, jealous. It's my Christmas party tonight, I'm expecting a similar series of events to occur. Have fun xx

  5. Oh yes! Rockin' that Sophie! Love this look :) x

  6. I stinking love a wreath-esque style headband... GREAT WORK TOOTS, xxx

  7. I know I'm super behind on commenting on this, but I LOVE this outfit. You're crazy; this dress is not too plain at all, and it looks fantastic on you! I'm such a sucker for this color and minimalistic dresses (especially with subtle details like this), so I'm pretty upset that I didn't snag this dress. And, of course, the gold headband is gorgeous. You definitely need to give yourself more credit for this look! :)


  8. What a pretty crown! I love the gold with the purple and that dress is perfect for a party. You look great!


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