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30 December 2013

hair hacks // no-braid milkbraids

so often i get asked how i do my hair in those scrappy milkbraids that seem to be my go-to style lately (can you call months of wear 'lately'?), so i thought it was about time i shared my secrets with you all... to be fair, they're not even my secrets; i stole them from kim who stole them from kate who's tutorial is far better than mine ever could be. so, go watch hers. or, look at my daft pictures, whichever you do, start with brushed hair.
1// separate hair down the middle into two bunches; keep them separate. 2// with one bunch tied away, separate the other bunch at ear level. as in, a top half and a bottom half. 3// twist them around each other, starting again at ear level (for short hair, otherwise you'll run out of hair!). 4// pin the ends of the twist to your head. 5// repeat with the other bunch of hair, using extra pins as necessary to hold all the fly-aways in place.

at this point i normally throw on a floral crown or glittery clip (see previous post!) to hide the sticky-outty bits - especially now my hair is so short and there are so many of them! failing that, you can absolutely get away with a naked head, especially as the braids are sort of... interesting enough without more accessories.

although ... that's kinda boring, right?

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  1. I've always wanted to try this but I have too much hair :( It looks so cute on you!

  2. oooh so cute! This is how Sally had her hair when we met... and it looked lovely. I'm going to try this in the new year. I want to be more experimental with my hairstyles.

    Happy new year Erica! xx


  3. Rosie (comment above) sent me to your post, and I am LOVING it. Will try right now!


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