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14 December 2013

christmas wishlist // number :: 2 (the adult edit)

right, so you saw part one last weekend, when I had not really thought too hard about what I would maybe want for Christmas this year; i was getting tired of people asking, so I quickly knocked together a list that I would probably buy myself at some point anyway. which, isn't really what I think Christmas gifts should be; they should be things you wouldn't usually buy for yourself. right?
well, with that in mind, I have had some time to think, and I reckon I've got the right idea now... adult life prizes; items that will make me appear an adult, unlike the puppy dog and flower crown and collared dress that make me appear about eight years old from the last post. see for yourself...

for starters, this rose gold watch from the british watch company. I've not worn a watch since I was probably about eight, and if there's going to be anyway to seduce me back in to the realms of watch-wearers-land, then this classic dkny pretty is the one to do it. and the Pandora ring? simple, classy and still very girly and feminine -- read: very me.
on most days I smell of flowers. usually sponsored by marc jacobs or sjp, it's time to adult up and start wearing classy lady scents. enter this clive christian trio of mini perfumes, which -- according to the urban retreat website states were used to scent the staterooms of the titanic, and supposedly the crown atop each bottle is a gift from queen vic herself. special lady smells. as well as grown up smells, it's probably time to invest in some decent make up and make up brushes. yes yes, I love my natural collection blusher, but the pigments get weaker and weaker with every use, and I feel myself layering it more and more on the daily. now i'm pretty sure that nars is the top pick of the beauty world, and 100,000 bloggers can't be wrong (or...?). it's time to sub in some decent products, kids.
and finally, for the home. we've recently had our first sofa and dining set delivered and installed, and our lounge room - the biggest irk known to man, is finally almost complete. with a few prints to hang and a few pieces left to paint, we're almost there. the one thing missing? a reading chair like this eames rocker from Lakeland. only problem? can't decide on colour. initially thought powder blue, but.. there's not a hint of blue in my lounge, so I reckon cream or green would be the natural winner. and this pretty stag head needs no introduction. in need/want it/must have it.
so, how do you think I've done on the adult present wishlist front?
I kinda still really want that puppy...
*wishlist produced in collaboration with brand. all lustings are purely my own*

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