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27 December 2013

copenhagen // a grey departure

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on the sunday we woke up to a frosty blanket of snow, and a miserable grey sky. it was our last day in the city, so we headed out early to finish our sightseeing in the center of town where we'd heard there were small markets dotted around the main shopping center. after the market's we'd thoroughly not enjoyed the day before, anything was worth a try.

well, it was too early and the markets weren't open, so instead we had a wander in and out of the cobbled alleys in the main shopping precinct while trying to stay covered and dry from the icy sleet that had started to come down pretty hard. thankfully, there were plenty of shops that were open that we could take shelter in...

we grabbed a coffee and danish while we waited for the regular shops to open, then made our way in-and-out of the souvenir and tourist shops, hoping to get the rest of those essential purchases. the beautiful cobbled roads were wet and snowy, and we could hardly be mad at the icy rain when it landed without a sound and disappeared within seconds. 

sure, it was cold. but ya know what? with the twinkling christmas lights, gorgeous fresh flowers and the sounds of a waking city, and with only a handful of other people in our paths, it was hard to be mad at the danish weather. it was wonderfully serene, ya know?

we were wooed into the classy danish establishment that is illum - partly because of the pervy polar bears in the windows, partly because a real-life santa claus was enchanting kids young and old with presents and freebies and discounts for the store. we had no idea what he was saying, but the kids were loving it. 

we didn't have long left in the city, and shortly made our way to the airport. thanks to completely lax transport security, we totally rode that damn train for free too. for most of the weekend, in fact. because... when in rome.

also spotted: super man,a lego santa, and truckloads of scandanavian chocolate. 
dear copenhagen, i think i love you. see you soon.

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  1. Great photos! Those cupcakes are beautiful!

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  2. Beautiful photos - If I was more of a morning person I would always go out early. It's so much nicer when there's no crowds :) x

  3. Those polar bears are so creepy! Copenhagen does look like a lovely place to visit, especially if you can wing free travel.


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