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4 December 2013

w.i.w.t :: winter warmers

coat + jumper c/o f&f // shoes (old) + scarf :: primark // skirt*:: h&m // bowler hat :: ebay

this hat is very red, no? when i ordered it, it was named 'wine' and is subsequently no longer listed so i can't even show you. i was a bit gutted when it arrived, as i had wanted it to be the same colour as these amazing shoes, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. that hasn't stopped me wearing them together, obviously.

i adore this stag head jumper. when f&f asked if i'd like to review something in their 'winter warmers' campaign, i knew i wanted this jumper. i kiiiinda wanted to wear it to our office dodgy christmas jumper party, but... i don't think it's awful enough -- it's not awful at all! i adore the sparkly design, and was instantly drawn to it (magpie that i am), and being a neutral colour, i know i'll get tons of wear out of it -- even after christmas!

plus, even though it's only a poly/nylon mix, it was really warm - as if it had some angora or wool blend through it. i wore this out and about on saturday, and was incredibly warm with a coat and scarf over the top too, so probably could have* gone out without excess. (*too scared to try.)

(excuse the faces. i am only just getting use to shouting 'shoot!' at my phone from across the room, then smiling)

bloody happy with my new christmas jumper. have you seen what's new at f&f?

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  1. I LOVE THIS. You are always so damn cute and sassy-like. I love these skirts...I feel like I'd look like a trollop in them but everyone I see wearing them doesn't....so I'm conflicted. At any rate...you look adorable!

  2. oh you still look amazing, Erica! I usually tend to receive weird stuff while shopping at ebay, so the colour tone of your hat is actually a pleasant surprised! enjoy it! x


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