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29 December 2013

giving extra this christmas

funny story: until a week before christmas, i had planned to pay for boyfriend's next tattoo. designs were approved, and it was even booked in for the weekend i was in edinburgh with the girls. then, a few days prior to the appointment, boyfriend was scrolling through his instagram when he came across an announcement from his artist saying that without them all knowing, the business had been sold and the locks changed overnight. they had all turned up to work that day none the wiser... poor fools.

and poor me. it was less than a week until christmas day, i was preparing for a weekend away, and had approximately zero time to shop for a back up present. with not much choice otherwise, i turned to the internet for help and within the hour had shoes and tees and jeans and jumpers winging their way to me with express postage and in-store pick up. how boring. this was not going to make up for the missed tattoo.

but, when halifax got in touch asking if i knew of anyone who deserved a little something extra this christmas on them, well, i knew that boyfriend would be the perfect someone. not only because of the cock-up with the tattoo, but also because - generally speaking, i am not an easy person to be in any kind of relationship with. and yet - somehow, he does it extremely well, on a daily basis, and on most days, he even does it with a smile on his face and a spring in his step. and, do you have any idea how very hard that must be?

so, come the day after the day after christmas, i took boyfriend by the hand and we hit the christmas sales, looking for that 'something special' to make his christmas complete...

and it was hell! he is positively the worst shopper in the entire world. he's picky, and choosy, and has no idea about value for money or... anything! we managed to change over the tees i'd picked that he'd hated, but when it came to finding that 'extra special' gift, well... he had no idea what he wanted. in fact, when i asked him what he wanted, and he described it (brown suede brogues) i realised it was completely different to what he was looking for and trying on (black leather brogues). 

it really was dire. and now i know how he feels all of the time i make him come shopping with me. we fought about his pickiness, packed in the shopping, and went home...
jacket*:: forever 21 // aftershave* :: calvin klein // leather brogues* :: office

where we spent the next few hours working out exactly what he wanted, finally paying for it, and getting it delivered so he'd never have to leave the house again. so, i must say thank you to halifax; firstly for coming to the aid of one out-of-luck kid this christmas, and secondly for showing me just how bad shopping is when you're shopping with someone who has no idea what they're doing.

god bless you, halifax.

*written in collaboration with brand*

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  1. The shoes look great! x

  2. Sorry that u had to experience so much stress so soon before Christmas, but this resulted in a reasonably happy ending, and a great blog post to read!
    Thank you :)
    I love your blog!


  3. Lol, online shopping ftw! Liking the picks, i rly do love men's clothes x


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