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12 December 2013

australia // day six // the botanical gardens

on saturday morning, we woke up nice and refreshed. we popped out early with mum to grab a coffee, before being picked up by dee and whisked off to the bride-to-be's house for pre-photoshoot shenanigans. yep, photoshoot. because i was unable to attend the hen do, what with living in london and what not, steph had arranged a girly-day for the four of us (and one boyfriend hanger-on) on the day before the the wedding. also known as the hottest day on earth. also known as the day we all donned our best floral crowns and 'virgin suicides attire' and pranced around like loons for a good hour in the sun. hence the squinty faces. and derpy outtakes.

this was the first time i'd seen the lot of them in the best part of three years, and literally walking into a houseful of old friends felt like coming home; like no time had passed at all. casual insults disguised as affection and potty mouthed slurs a soldier would be proud of (you can take the girl out of adelaide...) rained down, keeping us in fits of laughter, and boyfriend ever so worried about where my class had gone (class? who am i kidding).

3 hours of hanging out in a stifling hot car, talking smack (say smack again) and endless mean girls quotes later, it was time to let the bride and her hens get back to the venue for all their last minute prep, and for boyfriend and i to make sure we were all packed ready for our early departure the morning after the wedding.

this was the day i had been most looking forward to since first deciding to head back to australia for steph's wedding. although we haven't been friends for a long time, we've been friends for a good time. we'd all met once or twice through an ex of mine, but thank god for him because these three girls are some of the most genuine, ridiculous and forgiving people i've ever known. unlike friends that are born out of time, or forced together in childhood, when you're an adult -- or learning to be one, you choose yours friends more carefully. our friendship was formed instantly over lindsay lohan films, being hilarious and our awesome taste in music, and our bond has never, ever, ever felt forced.

keeping in touch is hard, but this lot make it easy.

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  1. Aww, sounds like the perfect reunion, Erica! xx

  2. I love the last set of photos, so funny :) x

  3. Aw that's so lovely, you all look gorgeous! Mean girl quotes are the best x

  4. I love the outfits and flower crowns. And, GIRL. You look SO good in the 6th photo.


  5. Oh Erica! I ADORE these photos - you girls look gorgeous! I always really enjoy reading about your travels xx


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