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11 December 2013

w.i.w.t :: warm and wonderful

duffle coat c/o f&f // bobble hat, gloves, scarf, dress :: primark // jumper :: h&m // boots :: new look // backpack c/o sevenseas worldwide  

this coat. this coat was my last resort. you see, i wanted a parka. i knew it'd be freezing in copenhagen, and that i'd need something super warm to keep the frost at bay. first, there was the offer of a superdry parka. out of my price range but generously gifted after i was unable to make their press day, i tried on the large and laughed as i could barely get my arms in through the minuscule holes they'd allowed for those particular limbs. finally on (and with only a dress underneath), i laughed again as i attempted to do up the zip, realising that i couldn't get the teeth to touch, let alone zip. in a large, which is their biggest size; and according to their website, a size 12-14. 

then there was the dusty pink parka from oasap; ordered online despite the the 21 day delivery time frame, praying for a christmas miracle that it would appear before we left. ironically, it turned up the day after we got back. hmmm. then came along f&f with their offer of help. i instantly fell in love with the teddy lined parka, and i was super keen to get my mits on that for our jaunt - but alas! it was out of stock.


it was then my eyes fell upon the faux fur trim duffle coat. neutral colour? tick. hood? tick. fur lined? wool content? front pockets? tick, tick, tick. but, would it keep me warm? well, worth a bloody shot. it arrived a few days later, and my heart sank; it was poly-lined, and awfully light weight. but, in size 12 there was plenty of room for a woolly jumper, so i figured i'd offset the thin coat with a thick jumper and take my chances. then, i wore it out at the weekend. and i was stifling. we had a winner, and my parka dreams were no longer.

and was i warm amongst the ice and snow? i bloody was.

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  1. It really does tick all the boxes, so cute! Surprised to hear that about superdry, thought there would be more choice of size! X


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