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28 September 2013

my best friend's wedding

it's here! i can finally share with you the sneaky pics from kim's wedding all the way back in august! i promised her i would keep this post safe until she had shared the pictures herself over on her blog, and she gave me the all a few weeks back (and since rock'n'roll bride already shared it with you last week!), so here we go...

kim and i were fast friends. we 'met' on instagram, continuously 'liking' the same pictures. we had shared interests; quirky print dresses, a vintage vibe and a love of nanna chic. soon enough, we had moved our friendship to twitter, a more 'personal' space. i discovered her etsy shop, then we did some crafty swaps, my bows for her crochet, etc. we emailed a lot. facebooked, texted. within the space of two months, we'd basically cemented our friendship.

we met (in real life) in february, and - besides a few awkward "you're taller than i though", "you're shorter than i thought!" moments, we got along like a house on fire. that day, we talked about kim's hen doo, among other things. it was already decided that i was coming - regardless of our short friendship, but what came next was totally unexpected. "you're coming to the wedding too, aren't you?" oh, am i? heck yes i am! boyfriend was shocked when i told him, but no more so than when i confirmed for him that kim was actually not catfishing me, and not some 40yo man from lancashire.

so, come august 3rd this year, despite the fact i had only 'met' her and her future hubby a handful of times, i was totally excited to be heading off to the wedding of two of the bestest humans i know ...

we were picked up at the train station by kim's brother's friend, and driven to the church in cavendish, suffolk. we had a drink with the lads, as rory prepared himself for a lifetime of crochet and pyrex, and then made our way into the church grounds. we watched as she walked down the aisle in her mid-century, one-of-a-kind frock, toward a trembling fiance, on-time as always.

after their traditional vows (including one grumpy vicar), we sat in the sun as the newlyweds and their closest friends had their pictures taken among the prettiest pink cottages and brilliant blue skies i've ever seen. from there, we moved on to dove barn, a short but bumpy ride, in... well, the middle of nowhere.

it was obvious that kim had been chief designer in the reception hall, and if you've ever read her blog, you would have known that anyway. brightly coloured pom poms hung from the bare rafters, with johnny cash quotes adorning the walls. coloured paper straws filled the ladies' pimms glasses, while the boys sipped on small bottles of craft beer, as the newlyweds had their final pictures taken.

the decoartions in the front reception were nothing in comparison to what greeted us as we moved through to the dining hall. each table had it's own colour, ours was pink (duh). every little piece in the place setting had a personal touch; everything had been planned, and made with love, by kim. our goody bags included a pencil with kim and rory's name and wedding date engraved, sweeties and more. the wine was magnificent. the dinner was sublime. poached pear to start, with walnut and blue cheese (boyfriend had bacon-wrapped asparagus). a perfectly baked chicken wellington for main (he had roast lamb, mmm), and a trio of desserts for... dessert. the food was... indescribable. so i shan't bother trying.

~these pics of kim and her brother eddy swinging just make my heart so happy~

after dinner, we drank. we chatted, we drank, we drank some more. when it came time for the first dance, the newlyweds hit the floor to 'walk the line', with us singing the chorus to them when the timing allowed. with the disco on, we took our drinks outside to steal the last of the sun, and watched as their closest friends and family celebrated kim and rory's amazing day.

it really was, you know. it was the first wedding of the year for me, and kicked it off with style. it's just a shame i didn't know very many people there - telling people how kim and i met is always a bit embarrassing, not that either of us mind, but people don't really understand 'bloggers' and how that would equal 'friendship'. it really does for me, you know. it does equal friendship. if nothing else from this blogging malarkey lasts, i wouldn't care. i've met some wonderful people along the way, and a real kindred spirit in kim. she and i will be friends for life, and i wish nothing more than a lifetime of happieness for her and rory (and me).

luff you kimmeh

*not that this needs to be said, but all of the pictures are either a) my own, or b) kim's/kim's brother's. please do not take or use these without asking her permission first. this was a private event, and while we understand that the internet is the least private thing in the world, it would be awesome if you considered that these are her private moments. thank you!*

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  1. This looks like such an amazing wedding, so many little details which look perfect together! :) xx

  2. Ahhh this post warmed my heart so much! These pictures are all so lovely and both you and Kim look gorgeous <3

  3. awhh how lovely this looks! I love her dress! xx

  4. Wow, what a cool and quirky wedding! I love the funky colours and Kim looked gorgeous in her dress! That is so cute that you met on Instagram, lovely story. Glad you all had a great day.

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  5. Wow! Her wedding looked super fun and adorable. I always wanted to wear a polka dot dress when I got married (but ended up unfortunately going a different route), so of course I love her dress! I'm so glad you had an amazing time.

  6. Hey there, loved your blog, just followed you on GFC (381), would you mind to follow back?


    MandySharesLife FACEBOOK PAGE

  7. Oh oh oh <3 beautiful. Absolutely lovely xxx

  8. the decorations are gorgeous, and the pink cottages! I remember you posting a pic of that outfit, i loved it. the bride looks wonderful :-)

  9. If I was a crier, that would have had me in tears, but you know me well enough to know I don't cry. It made me laugh, a lot. It's so nice to see things from a different perspective- and nice to see pictures of the food as I haven't got any! Luff you too!

  10. If I was a crier, you would have had me in tears, but you know me well enough to know that I don't cry. I laughed, a lot. Such a great write up, from such an awesome friend. It's great to see the day from a different perspective -it's also great to see photos of the food as I don't have any! Rory just had a read too, he said it was lovely. Luff you too xxx

  11. It made me cry Erica, cos....I am a crier!! Thank you! Xxx


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