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8 December 2013

christmas wishlist // number :: 1

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i wanted to call this post 'the one where i had to think super hard about what i might actually want for christmas in case people start to ask me what i want', but it was essentially too long a title. i mean, i hardly ever want things. if i do, i buy them for myself. there are a couple of expensive things that i'd like to get soon, but i'm hardly going to whack them on a wish list and hope someone buys them for me. no, those will wait for sale time, and i will buy them myself. i really only pulled this list together out of boredom. that, and it seems like every man and his dog has prepared a wishlist by now, and i obviously haven't. although i do quite like when people put thought into their presents, and i'm just as happy with handmade than i am store-bought, this was just a bit of fun. and now i'm rambling...

a puppy! i want one! especially one with a wee hat. adoooorable. i also would very much like a steepletone record player. i think (hope) boyfriend has a firm handle on this one, because it's been the only thing i've wanted for a really long time. ideally it'd be cream or pink, and not wood vaneer like all the ones i've been seeing on ebay, but as long as it works i'll be super happy. more and more homewares. boyfriend doesn't like the idea of buying me homewares for christmas, because if it's for the flat, it's not for me. wrong! i love pretty things and i wants them in my life. so, gimme. especially those wilko's canisters and the cath kidston tea pot for one (ps - 20% off cath kidston purchases over £30 until december 15th!).

everyone in the world wants a yankee candle, and i'm no exception. at £15 a pop, i'm never going to buy one for myself, so this is something that would make me very happy! as would any of the roses and clementine's bun crowns - they're my new favourite kind of crown and perfect for bad hair days. whack one in, and away you go - pretty as a peach. and finally, another bonne chance frock (pssst; 15% off and free and fast shipping with the code beingerica). you'll remember the i'm being erica dress that's still hanging - unworn (i need a good occasion!) in my wardrobe, but this winter rose dress is another must-have. those perfect florals are killing it.

so that's me... for now. see anything you like (or wanna buy me)?

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  1. Literally just sat for like 10 mins looking at the picture of the doggie. I want him! xx


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