etsy feature // layout lines

after i shared my picture wall here a few weeks ago, the lovely sonia from layout lines got in touch asking if i'd like one of her prints to feature in addition to some of the other artist whose work i have hanging with pride. after checking out her store on etsy, i was instantly smitten with her handiwork, and got busy choosing my favourite... it was hard! her drawings are all so intricate and detailed, but instantly i was drawn to the london landmarks - duh, because they remind me why i'm here.

sonia is a trained architect and now a senior lecturer in one of the uk's top unis, and i love that you can tell her profession in her drawing. although it's all freehand, there's a very definite 'structure' and detail in her style, which i just adore. her london landmarks are all so very symbolic of my new home, and i adore having a piece of her collection hanging on my wall.

i adore my tower bridge sketch, don't you? it's the perfect addition to our london flat.