30 April 2014

mundane munday

you might remember this feature from a couple of months ago (back when i was blissfully happy, mind), when charlotte from charlotte's web dared us all to share the most mundan…
29 April 2014

frock swap | zebra crossing

leather jacket : just jeans | jumper : donna's c/o george | skirt : new look | shoes : primark
over the weekend a few stars aligned, and this outfit was the result. it turned…
28 April 2014

the weekend edition

it is currently just gone 8pm sunday, and i am about ready for bed; this weekend has been exhausting, but so totally worth it. it started with what should have been my first '…
27 April 2014

review | gina conway aveda salon and spa

last weekend i toddled along to fulham for an aveda salon and spa experience for six out of ten. you can read all about it over on the site, but here's a little taster for yo…
26 April 2014

w.i.w.t | leopard + lace

jacket : dotti | dress c/o wal g | bag : asos | shoes : primark

on monday, the last day of the bank holiday weekend, i was up early - again, out of the house by eleven - again. w…
25 April 2014

musical bingo

that's right. after the last night spent at musical bingo, as soon as i saw the alert on their facebook page that they'd be back at the garage over easter, i rounded up t…
24 April 2014

frock swap | gettin' shirty

shirt : rachel's c/o george | dress c/o wal g | bag : asos | shoes c/o clarks

thankfully i changed these shoes before actually heading out on sunday, as i was cautious enough…
23 April 2014

giveaway | on wednesdays we wear pink (duh)

you guys! next week is the official ten year anniversary of the release of mean girls upon the world, and - by some stroke of luck, it's on a bloody wednesday! to honour the …
22 April 2014

frock swap | when rachel made me wear a biker jacket

dress c/o in love with fashion | jacket : rachel's c/o george | bag : primark | shoes c/o clarks
*what's with the weird yellow vibe in these pics? the exposure must've…
21 April 2014

the (long) weekend edition

oh my days, this long weekend was just what the doctor ordered. with friday spent checking out more potential flats (of which i have finally secured one, thank the lord above!), …
19 April 2014

w.i.w.t | mint magic in the friday sun

dress : primark | jacket : miss selfridge | belt : thrifted | shoes : valleygirl | crown : primark
another sunny day, another couple of hours wasted viewing completely inappropri…
18 April 2014

these shoes were made for walking

last week i was contacted by the good folks over at clarks with an invitation and to their upcoming press day (which i probably won't be able to go to, because of allll the f…
17 April 2014

w.i.w.t | they call me mellow yellow

jacket : just jeans | dress c/o sammy dress | shoes : mr p | crown : primark | tote c/o alibi
this is supposed to be a maxi dress; and according to the sammydress website it is a…