30 November 2015

some happy things

this week's been a bit of a slumpy one for me; i've been a bit down in the dumps, which makes thinking about all the things that have made me happy this week a little bit…
28 November 2015

big bang data at somerset house

source: have you ever tweeted in your dreams?
"emails, selfies, shopping transactions, google searches, dating profiles: every day we're producing data in huge quantitie…
27 November 2015

style | not as keen as mustard

jumper + dress : h&m | boots : primark | backpack*: george at asda | lippie : sephora
in my day-to-day life, i usually wear a cross-body bag. i have done since i moved to lon…
26 November 2015

make their christmas

you know how i know it's christmas? it's advert season. i don't even own a tv, pay a tv licence or watch many actual tv shows, and yet i'm somehow still wise to t…
25 November 2015

wishlist | not for re-gifting purposes

mask | ring | brush | varnish | pjs | beanie | gift box | necklace | purse | lip stain | scarf
first things first: no idea why the image quality is so shit today. created and save…
24 November 2015

taste of london - the festive edition

taste of london - the festive edition happened again this past weekend, and i was lucky enough to head along. again. this was my like, fifth time going in the las…
23 November 2015

some happy things

with a week to go before pay day, this past week has been a little quieter than most, but still no less impressive. random bouts of happiness, and not-taking-life-for-granted sho…
20 November 2015

style | midi-year

it's been a year of midi-skirts for me. well, i've worn a few, anyway (here,here andhere, and pining for this onehere), which is strange and unusual because i've alway…
18 November 2015

wishlist | edin-brrrrrrrrrrr!

jumper | tube skirt | boots | breton stripe | dress | skirt | scarf | bobble hat | parka | ear muffs | boots
i'm going up to edinburgh to hang with rebekah for a couple of wee…
17 November 2015

london | crystal palace dinosaur park

my first trip to the crystal palace dinosaur park was over a year and a half ago, but since then i haven't been back a lot. once or twice, but not nearly enough, considering …
16 November 2015

some happy things

it's been another low-profile week 'round these parts, thanks to a slow-burning head-cold and an inherently-empty bank account, so keeping my spirits up has been hard. th…
14 November 2015

london | three at day of the dead

last saturday's adventures will remain a highlight of this blogging lark for the rest of time. i've been doing this about four years now, and have had some cool shit come…
13 November 2015

mess making

i've been inspired. well, sort of: i have always had a bit of a trying relationship with traditional skin care because of my sensitive skin and so i sometimes struggle to fin…